Where I have travelled

I have had fun remembering some of the places I have travelled – here are a selection

As kids we spent holidays in Portrush (in N Ireland), and Achill Island (west coast of Ireland) and then to “the Continent” with my family – we started in a rented tent in France, then we progressed to a trailer tent (which we towed all the way to the Italian Alps and Venice from N Ireland!), and ended up in a small touring caravan.

As a teen I first flew in a airplane on my first holiday without my parents – 4 cousins and I flew out to America to attend a christian conference, and stay with various church families – we visited New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis/St Paul, Niagra Falls (on the Canadian side), Syracuse and back to New York – it was quite an experience!

My first holiday abroad after I had left home and started work was with a friend to Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

After we were married and before we had kids we travelled extensively in Europe and a few times in US too – particular highlights were gites in Dordonge, villas in Tuscany and some beautiful country inns in New England.

When the kids arrived we managed to travel abroad every other year, usually holidaying with another family, and usually in self catering villas in Dordongne and Tuscany.

Once we had 3 kids travelling abroad became prohibitavely expensive and after a memorable holiday in Florida, in 2006 we bought our holiday cottage on the North Coast of N Ireland. For about 4 years we spent most of our summers and school holidays up there, and it suited us really well.

In 2010 we started house swapping and that has been a great way for our family to travel abroad with affordable accomodation. So far we have swapped our cottage for homes in Dublin, Galway and Donegal in Ireland for shorter Easter breaks, and have had two summer holidays in Boston/Cape Cod and Paris, France.

My husband has been to San Francisco with his work, and as a medical student worked in Kenya, so is a bit wider travelled, but I hope some day we can travel together to California, South Africa and Australia……..we’ll see!

Where in the world have you travelled, where do you love, and where you dream of visiting some day?

I am scheduling this to post from Rome, but someday I will revisit this post and scan in a few photos from some of these trips before the digital age and blogging!

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2 thoughts on “Where I have travelled”

  1. We have three boys too so travelling abroad will be a huge expense for all of us! You have a great list of places and I love that you have posted whilst in ROME! x

  2. Marcia (123blog)

    I’m so glad South Africa made your list. I’m waiting for my kids to be bigger for us to do a house swap and a proper holiday again 🙂

    Also, have just caught up with your last 20-something posts (scary!) – well done for keeping it all going 🙂

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