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What’s in my makeup bag?

I am in Rome (20th wedding anniversary, and yes it is amazing) so sharing what makeup I have brought with me. Pics of makeup will follow, but with a view like this from our hotel room, and places like this to visit (see photos at end of post) I have stopped to photograph my makeup!

However I am determined to finish the challenge, so here is a quick summary. I’m not hugely into makeup but I usual have available (but I often only wear a minimal amount unless it is a special occasion)

a foundation (the brand varies – not too loyal)
Bobbi brown eye pallete (usually in brown/neutral shades
Lipstick – love MAC lipstick
Eye liner – usually brown and I prefer liquid liner to a pencil
Concealer – touch éclat or max factor
Mascara – brown/black

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What’s in your makeup bag?

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