Blog Journal Day 7 – Senses

Right now I am…..

Seeing – my laptop (!) and I can still see some of the garden in the dusk outside – still some light in the sky despite is being 10.20 pm, I love the light mornings and late light evenings.

Hearing – the TV on low (the news – I always like to see the news at least once a day), George the cat crunching his cat food, and some birds in the garden.

Smell – sun-cream and left over fruit salad

Taste – iced water

Feel Рhappy Рit has been a lovely sociable day. A church friend is becoming a Methodist Minister (Pastor) and ten of us had a lovely leaving party for her today. We had afternoon tea at the Merchant Hotel  (very fancy!), followed by lots of laughter, fun and a few tears. I will do a separate post about it all soon.

This post is part of a challenge to blog daily for a month with different prompts each day. You can see links to the other participants here, and you are welcome to play along at any time.

Finally, I did some digital scrapbooking this week, it has been a while, but I loved the sunny feel of Sweet & Simple #5 by Gina Marie Huff at Weeds & Wildflowers.

Here are 3 layouts I created :

So what has been happening in your world today? Please share.

5 thoughts on “Blog Journal Day 7 – Senses”

  1. Jan!! Your scrapbooking is AMAZING!! Wow. I am so impressed!! So glad you are feeling happy and loving life!


  2. Your scrapping pages are darling! I have to tell a friend about them! Wonderful blog post too–I haven’t thought about my senses, except when I’m in the garden. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. sounds like your day was fun –
    we are back home and tired – and I have already done like 7 loads of laundry today-
    my son is not the best “housekeeper”
    am glad to be home – but looking forward to
    going back to Ireland soon –
    miss ya

  4. Love the layouts. When you do the virtual scrapbooking, do you print the page out for a book or just put it on disk? I was wondering how the printed pages looked. My printer would not capture them well. Maybe I need a new program such as Photoshop. I’ve been thinking about it.
    Mama Bear

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