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Panoramic Photos from Rome – part 6 of our Roman holiday

I loved our 20th wedding anniversary trip to Rome (have you noticed!) and I also love my Photosynth App on my iphone….. and here are a few of the images from our trip.


The Vatican – St Peters Square

The view from our balcony, overlooking the Pantheon

Sunset from the hotel roof terrace

From the square outside the Pantheon

And inside the Pantheon!

Some are quite distorted, so you can view them better in an interactive version of them with these links – they enable you to move around the image.

Colosseum at dusk

Inside the Colosseum

St Peters Square

Night-time view from our hotel balcony

Sunset from the hotel roof terrace

Outside the Pantheon

Inside the Pantheon  – think this one is my favourite – but I did get a few odd looks as I was taking it!

Do you have a fave one? Let me know.

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