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Roman Holiday – Part 4 – A Sunset in Rome

Our lovely hotel in Rome had an even lovelier roof top bar with an even more perfect view.

Here follows an overload of sunset photos over Rome.

For our 20th wedding anniversary (well, 3 weeks early) my lovely husband also gave me a beautiful necklace (white gold and diamonds) which is in the box on the table.

I loved how the candles on the tables in the square were lit and began to flicker.

It was a perfect evening, and an amazing view.

Where have you seen a perfect sunset? Please share!

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  1. Ahhhh the memories of that beautiful city – I can’t wait to go back – I’ve been told Florence is beautiful too – we may have to try that too!

  2. Just beautiful. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. I’ve been to my in-laws’ timeshare in Curacao in the Southern Caribbean twice and have great memories and pictures somewhere of the gorgeous sunsets, melting into the ocean each night. It was the perfect way to end an evening.

  3. SOOOOO gorgeous and yes! we have the MOST beautiful sunsets here (some evenings I post them on Facebook – are we friends?)

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