Blog Review : Mattel Apptivity Hot Wheels

My son will quickly tell anyone who is interested (or not) that his mum blogs and it is awesome as he gets to review toys!

When I was asked to review the Mattel Apptivity Hot Wheels car using the app for the iPad, I knew he would love it – combining his obsession love of hot wheels cars, and meaning he would get access to his sister’s iPad, it was bound to be a winner.

The Hot Wheels toy arrived (we received the Drift King car), and as soon as the free iPad app was downloaded from the iTunes store.

Either using the special Hot Wheels car or just your two fingers, you can drive, steer and crash on a variety of tracks. It is possible to win races and earn points to modify your car in the workshop.

Now I confess that it was my 8 year old who played with it, I couldn’t manage to drive any distance without crashing (no comments about women drivers please!)

So a thumbs up from my son because:

  • the cars are “cool”
  • you can modify your car
  • you can race different courses
  • you can use your fingers to race if you can’t find your car!

Declaration …. I was sent this Hot Wheels car to review, but all opinions expressed are my own …. or my son’s!

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