DVD Review Littlest Angel

With Christmas approaching, it is always great to have some family friendly DVD’s to watch. When given the opportunity to review the DVD The Littlest Angel, it seemed like a good match for our family.  It is based on the beloved best-selling children’s novel by Charles Tazewell.

We settled down last night at the cottage, beside a roaring fire to watch the movie.  It was certainly a hit with my 7 year old, but perhaps not so good for my daughters (age 13 and 11). It was a cute little boy angel (the Littlest Angel) and his adventures with a puppy called Halo.

In the words of my son, here are the lessons from the movie

“If someone is stuck and needs help, you should help them even if they have been mean to you.

If you get trapped in somewhere and you get the chance of freedom, and others are stuck there too, then help them escape”

Although not specifically a Christmas movie about the birth of Jesus, there was also a theme of everyone trying to find the perfect gift for God’s son, and the message was that we should give what matters most to us, not what others perceive as being worth most.

I would say the ideal age would be 4 – 8 year olds.

Disclaimer – I was provided this DVD for review, but all opinions are my own (or my 7 year old’s)!

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