Review of Wappy Dog and Game for Nintentendo DS

My kids would love a dog, and while we have (yet) to weaken, we went sort of (!) a step closer when we were sent the Wappy Nintendo Game and Interactive Toy to review! Apparently a virtual dog was not what they had in mind!

My 8 year old son has loved playing with the Wappy Dog. He has been able to care for, feed and play with the dog on screen, and if close to the toy, the toy will respond too. He is particularily keen on playing games with it – who knew a puppy can play “Rock, paper, scissors!”

The toy dog comes with stickers to decorate and personalise it.

When you are out and about  (and while recent shopping for lights, carpet and paint for our hall makeover there has been a lot of waiting) it is possible to continue to play the game on the DS console without the puppy.

The game is similar to the Nintendog games my daughters had a few years back, with the added bonus of the toytoo which barks, sings, wags it’s tail and moves. It’s mood and ability to learn new tricks depends on how it is cared for.

I asked my son what he loved about Wappy Puppy

  •  It is good because you can decorate the robot dog
  •  You can give the dog a name
  •  You can play with it all day long
  •  Wappy dog can sing and dance
  •  You can teach Wappy tricks in travel mode

I too have played with it a little, but I don’t get much of a look in, as my 8 year old knows much more about it than I do.

Disclaimer – we were sent the Wappy Dog and Nintendo DS game, along with the Ninentendo 3DSi and a 3D Angry Birds game – which has been popular with the whole family. All opinions expressed are my own (or my son’s!)

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