Flower bouquet by Interflora – a review

When I was contacted recently and asked would you like a bouquet of flowers, I didn’t take too long to say yes, and the good news is that YOU TOO could receive a bouquet next week on this blog (UK only, sorry). Remember to come back to enter.

In the meantime, here are the beautiful flowers I received, and I must it was lovely to have fresh flowers delivered

Lots of deep red roses, and a variety of foliage.

As a bonus I also received some chocolates

including some red chocolates to match!

For your info the red heart is a Strawberry Buttercream (creamy white chocolate blushed with red, with a smooth buttercream filling) (or so it says in the box!)

So what is the most memorable bunch of flowers you have ever received, and what is your favourite flower?

For more information on designer flowers from Interflora, whether for florists in London or elsewhere in the UK check out the links.

Giveway of a bouquet of flowers delivered within the UK will happen on 10 August – come back then!

Interflora provided the bouquet and chocolates for this review!

2 thoughts on “Flower bouquet by Interflora – a review”

  1. Hi JM,

    Ahhh almost overload, hehe, chocolates AND flowers. Sigh sigh. And they were not to say “I’m sorry” for something. Really, I think that’s the worst, when someone says “sorry” with flowers. It takes away … from when they are just joyful? Perhaps its just me, but I’d prefer the apology separate, then later on when things were going smooth to receive the flowers “just because”.

    Enough said.

    The most wonderful bouquet I recieved was from my husband – he knows I love candy so had candy wired to stems and placed in with my flowers. 🙂

    ♥ your jewelery designs – they are FABULOUS. Each item is a true work of art – what a gift and talent you have.

    Have a lovely week!

    ~ Barb

  2. Ok so not fair
    Don’t they deliever to Florida?
    I could sure use some today
    Not a good day but hey it’s almost over
    I’m just stressing about this weekend

    My most memorable flowers were on
    My 40th birthday
    B had 40 red roses delivered
    That’s a lot of roses
    They were georgeous
    But I also remember a bouquet I got when we first started dating
    Just bc he knew I was having a not so good day
    The ones for no reason at all are special!

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