More prizes for St Patricks Day Blogging Carnival…and more!

Do you like my new blog header – I thought I would go for a subtle irish theme – nothing too stereotypical! Thanks to Katie Hadfield and her very cute Happy Go Lucky Digital Scrapbooking kit which was used in the creation of the header. Remember that Katie is donating a $15 voucher for her store as one of the prizes for the St Patricks Day Bloggy Carnival.

This morning we took our son for his pre-school booster vaccines. This is the one set of vaccines I usually leave for my husband to take the kids for. (I don’t mind the baby ones, but not when they are older).

I hate needles of all sorts, and find it hard to reassure the kids of something I can’t watch myself. However, we both took our son this morning, and we all coped well – although I think my son and I both deserved “I was brave” stickers, especially as there were injections in both arms.

He soon recovered and forgave us, and bounced back into nursery school with his usual enthusiasm. Before lunch he was playing with his wooden train track again, so this is my photo for Project 365 today.

I must say I never noticed before but Thomas is looking rather alarmed – a bit like my son did when he got his injections this morning.

My other items to show you today are more prizes for the St Patrick’s Day Bloggy Carnival.

There are 2 irish linen glass clothes (great for drying your crystal and china without smears), and irish linen hankey (with lace shamrocks) and a natural irish linen scrim cloth. Do you know what a scrim cloth is for? If not, come back tomorrow to find out.

We now have 3 irish books, two glass clothes, one linen hanky, one linen scrim, one digital scrapbooking $15 voucher and hopefully one more item to be announced.

That makes a total on NINE prizes to be given to participants who link up to their posts to Mr Linky which will be available from 17th March. Don’t miss it!

See you tomorrow when it will be Show and Tell Friday.

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  1. Those vaccines are a necessary evil and I think sometimes they’re more traumatic on the parents! I’m glad the both of you got through them without incident this morning! Well done mom! 🙂 I’ll have to show your Thomas picture to my son; he will love it! Funny how you noticed his worried face. The Irish linen is so pretty, but unfortunately, I have no idea what a scrim cloth is, so I look forward to the explanation tomorrow!

  2. Subtle!

    I love linen clothes, I don’t use anything else and I know what a scrim is but for some reason I don’t have one;)

  3. I hate taking my girls to get shots…then the stupid nurses want ME to help hold the kid down…uh huh…you be the bad guy not mommy! One time my 4 yr old punched the nurse in the nose lmao!

  4. ah yes…shots! I almost passed out once watching one of my boys get his blood drawn! All the Irish goodies are absolutely gorgeous!!

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