29 December – memories of Christmas past

I asked my bloggy friend Mrs Miles, in Canada, for some inspiration on what to blog about today.  She was as helpful as ever and came up with lots of suggestions, but I chose to share the following (instead of blogging about my pile of ironing – not at all interesting!).

Our first Christmas as parents came rather sooner than expected, as our first baby was not due until 21 January 1998.  However in early December 1997 I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, and on 16th December I was admitted to Jubilee Maternity Hospital in Belfast for observation.  Our consultant obstetrician advised that I would be unlikely to be leaving until the baby was born!

So on 18th December, he decided that an elective section was required, and it should happen the next morning.  He promised me that this would mean that baby and I would be home in time for Christmas…..and he kept his word.

Our first daughter was born at 1.01pm the following afternoon, and the next 24 hours were
a hazy blur for me as my blood pressure was still misbehaving.  Our daughter, however, despite being born at 36 weeks, was in perfect health!

So on 24 December, we were discharged and came home to place our baby in her car seat below the Christmas tree – a very early Christmas present.

(note to the observant – we are still using the same artificial Christmas tree
– it is now on it’s 18th year!)

On Christmas morning our first visitor was the mid-wife, and then we travelled to my parents for a family Christmas dinner.  I don’t remember much of the day, but according to my husband’s diary she slept for most of our visit.

So what was your most memorable Christmas or Christmas gift?

Finally, a few more pics of some of my Christmas decor which (believe it or not!) I have not yet shared.


See you back here tomorrow (I hope!)

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  1. That IS a very memorable first Christmas with your daughter. How wonderful your husband obviously keeps a journal for not only does it come from a different point of view but it also preserves details you might have forgotten. What a treasure for your children and childrens children. I sometimes wish I’d still keep a ‘real’ journal. What a lovely post!

    Wow about your tree, lets see how long you will keep it going on? Do you have pics of it every year? can we assemble a year by year slideshow of it? need a tut on how to do a slideshow easily? I can always do it for you if you need! let me know.

    Got enough questions to last to the New Year now? Glad to supply more!

    Love, Barb

  2. I love the picture of your gift under the tree. That is so sweet and what a great way to celebrate. When do you start taking down the decor? I usually like to have it down before my daughter’s bday (on the 3rd) but having a hard time finding the motivation.

  3. So great to read of someone else who is still using the same tree after 18 years! We’re on year #14 with ours. I have no intention of replacing it anytime soon.

  4. I can’t remember when I bought our tree! Is that bad? It was only 3-6 years ago. I also don’t have any gifts that stand out – the times I spend with people I love do. xx

  5. what a wonderful and special gift – glad everything was ok.

    My first son is born at 36 weeks, too!!

  6. Lovely memories! I,too, had a haywire blood pressure with my son.

    Best Christmas memory? The last one where my son was home. We didn’t put up the tree but my son and my husband received fabulous gifts! Mine was having my family home again.

  7. Hey you… I haven’t been here waaay tooo long and P365, took up too much time to visit my lovely friends’ blogs. But it’s almost over, but will start P52…Anyways, So for my resolutions, I’m going to try to visit more often and feel a bit bad!! I haven’t forgot you though and thanks for stopping by my bloggie!!

    As for my best Christmas… I think it was this year for special reason. We celebrated Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. The last time we did this was 4 years ago, when my grandma was still alive. She passed away that March. We haven’t spend christmas together for way too long and it was wonderful!! I mean it wasn’t really special, but being together was!! We do have our yearly family day every year in June… but this was much better!! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your lovely story!!! -xx-

  8. hi janmary!!! what an early gift that year!!! sorry if i have been missing …i have been really busy and now i am trying ti update my blog. i hope you are all fine and let me wish you a wonderful 2010!!! i am so happy and thankful to have known you. i hope we can still keep in touch in 2010. big hug to the whole family!!

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