On the 2nd of December….

As part of my daily December blogging I want to share some of my many nativity sets (and there ARE many!)

This is one I picked up in the January sales for just a few pounds. It is small and sweet.

For our family, remembering that Christmas is about the birth of a baby who changed the world is much more important than the other aspects of Christmas. I do enjoy the decorations, the food, the pressies and festivities, but our nativity scenes help us focus on the real significance of Christmas.

Come back tomorrow to see what else I will share……

In other news today, we have our middle, 10 year old, daughter home sick from school with high temperature, sore throat etc and her final AQE transfer test is on Saturday.

Do you have a particular collection of Christmas items? Please share!

4 thoughts on “On the 2nd of December….”

  1. Hoep your girl is feeling better!! Was just thinking about you… and hoping all is well. You are such a dear, I am really sorry I have not been by more. I miss you!


  2. Andrea @ The Creative Junkie

    awww – hope your daughter is feeling better speedy quick!

    We have a few Christmas decorations that we put up every year. I have a set of carolers that are about sixteen years old – I think I got them the year Zoe was born. I *love* them.

    You’ve inspired me. I should do a blog post about them.

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