Holiday purchases and souvenirs from France

We are home from our holidays, having had 2 great weeks in France. The weather wasn’t fantastic, but we had a lovely time.

I have already written a post about some of the things I didn’t buy in France, the items I reluctantly resisted. Here, however, are a few of the items I DID purchase :

  • I love hearts, especially at Christmas in my kitchen, and purchased these

  •  and these

I love it when I unpack the Christmas decorations each year and come across items I have purchased while away on holidays over the years. 

  • I KNOW these are Easter decorations, but I picked up these in a craft shop (my husband thinks I am mad, and you may agree!)

  •  Finally some more hearts – these are little heart shaped pebbles – not quite sure what I am going to do with them – maybe put some in a frame? Any other suggestions?

 I bought a couple of tops and a few soft scarves, but other than that it was mostly small household items.  My son chose a new water bottle and pencil case, my daughters both bought new bags.

What sort of souvenirs do you look for on holidays? Or what has been your most memorable souvenir?

Please share 🙂

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  1. love those heart shaped stones – what will you be doing with them? I might put little glue dots on them and frame them –
    and some of my favorite christmas decorations are ones we have purchased on our travels and you wrap them up and put them away – then you forget about them – till it’s time!!!!

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