DOBBLE – fun family game review

From time to time as I blogger I have the opportunity to review products. I don’t always take up these offers, but this is one I was very glad I did.

All the opinions are my own (or my kids) – I was not paid for this review, just sent the game to try out with my family.

The game is Dobble.

It is compact and portable, and easy to play – from age 6 up I would say, and adults enjoy it too.

There are a number of ways to play the game, but we stuck with our two favourtie, as the older among us just got confused remembering which version we were playing.

Anyway, there are lots of symbols on each card, sometimes of differing sizes, and you need to match the symbols to win. It is fast-paced, frenetic, frantic and even a bit rowdy!

We took it with us on holidays, and played it as a family, with german friends and french friends, so it easily crossed the language barrier.

We were often persuaded to play “just one more game” on a number of occasions.

So the things we loved were

  • portable
  • quick
  • easy to follow rules
  • fun for all ages

Quotes from my kids

“It’s good for the whole family and can be played with others who can’t speak your language”

“It helps you learn to use your arms and brain fast”! (age 6!)

“There are a number of versions you can play and it is easy to beat the adults”

Quote from my husband

“Frustratingly hard to beat the kids, but very enjoyable”

So there you have it ….. Dobble

It is available on amazon, ebay and independant toy retailers too.

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  1. Ha – JM, I thought all the games there will ever be had already been made? *wink* So glad there are new family-friendly ones up and coming. Thanks so much for sharing. Some of my happiest childhood memories were from endless games!

    ~ Barb

  2. Haven’t had much time to comment, but wanted to say that I LOVED your pics from France! So so beautiful! Am glad you had a wonderful time, and thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

  3. Did you know that the game was available on the App Store too? A good way to keep the children busy when you are on the go 😉

  4. I have never played this one before! I LOVE games and my friends and family always roll their eyes because I always want to play! 🙂

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