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Beach Days in November in Northern Ireland

I love it when we are up at our cottage, there is a clear blue sky, and we head to the beach – even if it’s November!

Belfast might be going MTV Awards mad, with celebreties being spotted all over the city. It was a HUGE event, held in Odyessy Arena, and showed Belfast at it’s best.  But up north at the beach we almost have the place to ourselves.

One of our favourite beaches is Runkerry Strand, near Portballintrae, just a mile round the coast from the Giants Causeway.

Just us and the kids

And the waves

And a stick!

It was a treasured stick which he was reluctant to leave behind.

It is that time of year when I want to take a photo for our family Christmas card, and fortunately for all of us the kids obliged,  as I threaten them with Santa Hats if I can’t get a suitable one!

Once the photo was taken, we were able to  just enjoyed the view

With the sun shining it wasn’t exactly warm, but pleasantly chilly!

Where is your favourite place to walk and relax?

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  1. beautiful Captures – it looks so peaceful there with out anyone else ! Can’t wait to see your card photos ! and I love the photo of Sam dragging the stick !! Priceless –
    Can’t wait to be there myself
    What are you up to this weeK

  2. Wow! How lucky are you that you’ve already got your Christmas shot!

    What a great beach trip.

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