5 December – a yummy photo and my first answers to a Christmas Survey

Today’s photo is brought to you courtesy of my Mum’s kitchen.

One of the best things to eat at Christmas (or any time of the year) are my Mum’s handmade Chocolate Florentines. A delicious bite-sized mixture of cherries and almond flakes in a buttery sweet coating, and then coated underneath with chocolate. I can share the recipe with you, but they are very slow and futtery (is that a real word) to make, and I must confess I have never made them myself! So Mum makes them, and we eat and enjoy them. Thanks Mum.

So on to a Christmas Survey I found HERE at Monique’s Scrappin’ Blog. As it is already 5th, I thought I would start late, and answer a question or two each day. Feel free to join in, and post your replies in the comments box – I would love to read your replies.

Todays Christmas Questions

Christmas tree up yet?
Yes – we usually have 2 trees, one in the hall and one in the living room, and both are up.

Any Christmas decorations up yet? Yes, most of the inside decorations are up, but we have yet to put up any lights outside.

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  1. we’re about the same.. the inside is all decked out – but the outside isn’t done yet. I love the slideshows on your blog! NICE!

  2. Can I borrow your Mom? Those candies look delicious. I have my tree up, but I’m only doing one this year. The outside of my house still looks a little bare.

  3. I love chritmas candies, those look terrific. I don’t have my tree up yet and only one nutcracker out on the table.

  4. Your Mom’s candies sound wonderful! Would you really share the recipe? That would be a wonderful new treat to add. In exchange I can share my Russuab Tea Cake (cookies) recipe and/or recipe for Chocolate covered coconut bon-bons. The fondant is the easy part and can be done quite far ahead; dipping them into chocolate is messy but the resul is yummy. Hugs, SherryD (from blush&dusty group)

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