On the 6th day of December….a Christmas craft market and how honesty paid off.

This morning I had the opportunity to go (child-free) by train into Belfast to St George’s Christmas Market. It was a combination of food and gifts (mostly jewelery it seemed) and I enjoyed browsing, taking a few photos, and making a few purchases.

This is the first year I have managed to attend, but the stall holders I was chatting to said it was much busier this year, and there were large crowds.

Here is some of the food.

The colours

The textures

And of course some Christmas goodies

Some traditional Irish Linen

And finally, I love how the jewellery was displayed on this vintage bird cage.

Last night was my daughter’s 9th birthday party. We took her and her friends ten-pin bowling, followed by McDonalds (would not have been my choice!). Then back home for a DVD and birthday cake.

As we were leaving the bowling, my daughter noticed that a soft toy had been won at one of those grabber-type arcade games but had not been claimed. It also had a £10 attached. We took it to the reception desk who was amazed and impressed by the honesty shown, and promised to ring us the next day if it was not claimed.

However just as we were leaving McDonalds we recieved a call that we could go back to the Bowling and claim the toy and money. My daughter was delighted, and I was pleased her honesty had paid off.

So she is now £10 richer and we now have a dalmation puppy which sways as it sing “How much is that doggy in the window”….maybe we will live to regret this!

The birthday girl

And some of them enjoying the DVD

Come back tomorrow for more Christmas blogging.

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Finally, have you noticed by new blog header, I made it using Jolly Holly by Gina Marie Huff at Weeds and Wildflower Designs.

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  1. I think that your header looks great…and I’d love to have that long silver down coat with the fur trim for myself! 🙂

    Lucky you to have some time alone to go out, that sounds like a really great time.

    And the birthday party? Sounds just like something my kids would have picked, bowling and Mcdonald’s!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. hey girl! I looove all these photos, the colors are amazing! Great to hear you had a fab day and some time to yourself! 🙂

    Also love your new header, wich reminds me I’ve gotta make a new one too! Hugs and have a great weekend!

  3. Ohhh – I want to come to YOUR MARKET
    wow! Just beautiful and this was second best thing, well perhaps even first best for you picked out the highlights for us.

    Your dd is to be commended. Such a positive outcome will reinforce. Nice to see this in this day and age.

    I want to see the dalmation. Want to. want…. tooooo. *wink*

  4. I love your new header photo. Thanks for sharing your day in Belfast. I wish I had found some handmade goods when I visited there (and other parts of Ireland). Sadly, could only seem to find the tourist shops. I’ll have to check with you if I ever visit again.

    Note: Having a non-Blogger blog, I can’t seem to get my real URL in my “identity.” So here is my real blog if you’d like to visit http://www.callwhenyougetthere.com

  5. What a great lesson for her to learn! Good for her. Your market pictures are so beautiful! And how onderful to get some time alone to shop! I haven’t forgotten you on my blogroll…I hope to have that done tonight. Loved this post!

  6. I love the new header. Everything is just making me feel so Christmassy at the minute. The market looked lovely, I’m sorry I didn’t make it round (too many things on the go). I think my old office manager was there this year. She quit a few years ago now and has been happily selling her own jewellry ever since, Pretty Pebbles. I know she usually goes to the craft fairs in Holywood and Castle Ward.

    I’m glad your daughter’s honesty paid off. Its nice to see someone rewarded for a good deed.

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter. My daughter’s birthday is today and she is 9 also.

    By the way, we are still using the chicken cup and egg dish that I won on your blog. Think of you each time that I use it!

    Merry Christmas from Florida!

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