The "Before the Kitchen Makeover" Pics

I decided it was time to share my current kitchen/family room. The makeover starts on Friday, when the existing floor, and appliances will be removed. The only items which will be staying are the navy sofas.

Ever since we bought this house 10 years ago, I have been planning the replacement in my mind. It is north facing, and very dark. These photos may not demonstrate that, but believe me, IT IS dark.

You may also note the broken oven door, the missing handles, wonky drawers and a fridge door that is literally in it’s last hinges.

Today we took delivery of the new fridge/freezer and range cooker…..

ready for a peek?…….


………..they are still in their boxes!

All will be revealed with the makeover, but it did not stop by son examining the goods.

My son was so excited when the delivery men arrived in their lorry. When he saw this picture on the side of the box….

he asked – are we getting lots of egg cups?!!

His final request to the delivery men was to please not block his view of the television, and as you can see, they obliged!

To see how the kitchen makeover turns out – stick with me.

Finally, here are my most recent Project 365 weekly reviews.

Everything used from LIFE 365 by Weeds and Wildflower Designs. If you keep up to date with your weekly reviews, then every 2 weeks you can submit your layouts in the Weeds and Wildflowers forum and receive a free kit which co-ordinates with the Life 365 kit.

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  1. Great week pages!!

    wow the boxes are very big… LOL about your son asking not to block his view of the tv….

    Can´t wait to see the results of your makeover

    I´ll check my emails and then I´ll email back..

  2. Oooooooooooooooh, I love a good makeover!

    Re-doing our kitchen was stressful but so worth the effort!

  3. I can’t wait to see the after pictures. We did our kitchen ourselves on a tight budget during Christmas break 18 months ago. (During Christmas, what were we thinking!!!) But it was so worth it. And yours will be, too.

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