On the 9th of December…it wouldn’t be Christmas without M&S

Today I met my Mum at Marksies (aka M&S or Marks and Spencers) to do some Christmas shopping.  I don’t do my regular food shop in M&S but it is lovely for a treat.

After lunch we headed into the food section for the inevitable crowded aisles and to pick up some of those Christmas Day essentials.

Much as I love to cook, I know my limitations when it comes to baking, and I think there is enough to do preparing for Christmas with baking my own cake or pudding. 

So tonight I am happy to share the following

M&S Perfectly Matured Christmas Pudding

M&S Classic Fully Iced Christmas Cake (Bar)

I also love M&S Fine and Proud Cranberry Sauce (anytime of the year, not just for Christmas)


And finally M&S Non-Alcoholic Mulled Punch

That’s your lot for today – so what Christmas food treats do you buy in?

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  1. I love going into M&S especially for food at Christmas. I especially love their non-alcholic mulled wine which makes the house smell so christmasy on Christmas eve.]

  2. MMM! My mom was English and she loved M&S and we even had one or two M&S here. I remember buying her steak and kidney pies and nylons.

    Your items look so good!

    No need for me to buy anything, my MIL bakes everything – enough to feed an army will into the following year and sends quite a bit of it home with me.

    🙂 Barb

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