On the 8th of December…a birthday girl

This day in 1999, our second child, another daughter was born.

The aforementioned child has requested that I do not post any embarrasing photos of her as a baby, toddler, or little girl, especially not if she looks cute in any of them.

The following photos have all received official approval from the birthday girl!

The pavlova which she made yesterday was completed with whipped cream and strawberries:

The chosen birthday cake was chocolate

A friend came over to join in with the birthday tea and celebrations

George, the cat, did his best to ignore the festivities by pretending to be asleep on a Santa hat (but kept a close eye on everything!)

Outside it is still a snowy icey word

This was our local park at lunchtime today

And these were the church railings in town, and for once I had my camera to hand just when I needed it! I loved the frozen cobwebs.

Loving the Christmas commenting – keep up the encouragement please.

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  1. They are beautiful photos of a beautiful Birthday girl.
    Love your cat…I wanted an orange one but that wasn’t the one who wanted me when I went to the shelter…I wouldn’t trade my Smokey for one…he is curled up next to me under his blanket as I type this…it is bitter cold here tonight…in the low 20s…
    Mama Bear

  2. A girl after my own heart!!! Chocolate bday cake
    Please pass on bday wishes from us
    I just had an idea
    You should photograph our “favorite tree road”
    With snow
    I bet it would look amazing
    Hope your staying warm
    Our heat has been on all week long!

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