Retail Therapy…the good news, but first the bad news…

This has not been a great day.

Yesterday, when completing my FINAL wash – yes, I could actually SEE the bottom of the laundry basket (!) our old (17 years) and faithful washing machine began to make unhealthy noises. Within 10 minutes it had to be switched off before it rattled and rolled into orbit.

This afternoon I had a vain hope that Peter, our friendly local repair man, would be able to work his magic…..but it was not to be. Within one minute of him peering inside I knew……we need a new washing machine.

Earlier in the day a friend from church, with 2 of her sons, came from coffee/play. Just before she arrived our kettle died. Following a twitter/facebook update, I need to clarify that our kettle is a small domestic appliance to boil water for tea/coffee – Kettle is not a pet which has now deceased! Does every country have kettles to boil water? I think not, but what do you use instead? Let me know!

Anyway, I had just come to terms with having to boil water in a saucepan for our tea/coffee, when she arrived at the door. As I answered the door, it fell off its hinges, well 2 out of the 3 of them! With her help we reattached it sufficiently to close it!

How about that for a day!……so on to the good news, and the retail therapy!

You may have noticed some shiny new ads in the right hand column of my blog.

I am delighted to be associated with LinkShare and through them I am now associated with some of my favourite/favorite products. Currently these are the UK stores, but I hope to have links to US stores soon too.

There are a number of sales on, and these lovely items in particular caught my eye.

Cath Kidston Ltd.

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Laura Ashley Ltd

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Lego (don’t you just love it!)

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This camper van is so cute, but I will never get my husband to agree to holiday in one – too many childhood memories associate with them, and not in a good way!

So what items appeal to you?

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I appreciate this is not my usual type of blog post. Feedback welcome. Would you like to see the occasional post like this, with items that have caught my eye? Or would you just prefer the ads in the side columns?

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  1. I love enabling posts, as long as I get the sense that you TRULY love the product and you aren’t just posting to get paid / make money, ya know?

    And speaking of kettles, I got a tea kettle for my birthday this year (which is 2 days before Christmas), and it was honestly my favorite present out of everything I got! To be honest, I grew up in a household that just used a saucepan to boil the water to be used to make iced sweet tea (I live in the south, you know, so none of that hot tea stuff for me! ha!) — I guess that’s what I was always used to, so when I got the kettle, I was just enamored with it.

  2. I love looking at cool things, so go for it LOL
    We currently have a nice shiny new electric kettle (apparently it was my 30th birthday present lol) but my Grandma has an old fashioned kettle that goes on the stove and I love it, very vintage :o)

  3. i think everything that happened to you -from the washing maching to the saucepan is really hilarious! hahaha!! anyway, another weekend ahead!! have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. I just have to say how much I love your blog and blog header. Absolutely adorable!!! So sorry about your faithful washing machine!

  5. I love this kind of post!

    Everytime I do a load of wash, I hold my breath and pray that my washer doesn’t kick the bucket.

    As much as I loathe laundry, I have to remind myself how grateful I should be that I can do it in relative comfort. If my washer broke, I think I would just sit there and cry.

  6. I miss my old washing machine, really I do! I swear clothes never come up as clean and fresh as they did in that old machine:) You might want to start putting a bit aside because trust me, you’ll never get 17 years out f a newer machine;)

    I like the ads and I’m off to have a nosey at the Kath Kidson stuff now.

  7. Love those polka dot socks!!

    I am so sorry about your ‘mishap’ of a day… wow!! Thank goodness you kept your head about it all!!


  8. That Circus Elephant Cushion is cute!

    I didn’t know you could call a kettle by any other name? Am I too missing something?

    Our electric kettle threw in the towel a year ago (and it was only 3 years old!). So much for modern technology. Nothing lasts these days.

    I found a whistle kettle in the cupboard that I’d never used before, and since our new house has a gas stove, it was perfect. Now, I’ll never go back to electric.

    It’s a bit old-style (though modern in design), but I like how it whistles when the water has boiled. I never forget to have my tea now, unlike before when I never heard the electric kettle click off after boiling.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m sorry that everything broke, but it was really funny to read about. Thanks for sharing

    Oh, and I totally knew that you were talking about an appilance to boil water. I call it a kettle to.

  10. Your “bad” day made me smile…we certainly all have them!!

    …and, I really laughed that someone thought a kettle was a pet…? I don’t know what else you’d boil water in but a kettle….unless, of course, a microwave! 🙂

    Found you through SITS…

  11. I´m so sorry about your bad day!!! That´s too much! But your stuff is great, love the pillow and the lego!

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