The Pink Ladies and a haircut

Had a great night out with the girls last night – a Grease themed night at a local restaurant, with the film, song-sheets to join in, dance lessons, prizes for fancy dress etc. The film stoppped working for a while during the evening, but that didn’t spoil anyone’s enjoyment. Here are a few photos – not really a ‘layout’ as such, but I may do more with it at a later date.

Today my main achievement was getting my toddler’s hair cut. Took him to a kid-friendly hair-dressers which had lots of toys, the chairs are like cars, a dvd playing, and a fish tank to watch. He still protested a bit, but overall it was a success. I found this freebie at the other day by Jashica Fuentus called Baby’s First Haircut. Even though it is his 3rd haircut, not his first, I thought it would make a good layout. The fact that his top co-ordinates with the paper is a co-incidence – honest!

Not much planned for the weekend, but expecting big news/opening over at Weeds & Wildflowers, so hopefully will have some new kits to play with
. To finish, took this picture of the kids before school this morning. I need to work out how to adjust the over-exposure, but thought I would share it.
Have a wonderful weekend.

2 thoughts on “The Pink Ladies and a haircut”

  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun, on your night out! And I really love that layout with your son. What a wonderful idea to document a haircut!!! Especially at his age. Really cute picture of all three of your kids!

  2. Lara Payton

    wow it looks like you girls had a FAB time at your Grease nite out LOL!! your little guy is uber-handsome, especially with his cute new haircut 🙂 your LO is adorable, too. and how cute your brood is! love that sweet photo of them all together 🙂 you must be such a proud mom!

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