Another day, another french Cathedral!

Our house swap in France continues, and contrary to appearances, we are not planning our days out around stunning cathedrals, but everywhere we visit seems to have one!

Today our plan was to visit Reims for some shopping, as heavy rain was forcast. The rain never materialised, and by mid afternoon it was hot and sunny.

A wasp sting to my daughter’s hand and subsequent dramatic and painful swelling of her hand resulted in quite a while being spent in search of a pharmacy, and then trying to remember the french word for wasp (I never did manage to remember it!), buying a spray, a cream and some tablets for aforementioned wasp sting, then another search for a bottle of water to swallow aforementioned tablet!  I KNOW that sentence was too long, but I am in “vacation” mode!

We did some shopping, mostly browsing, and then after a refreshing icecream we had a look around the cathedral in Reims…….these are the edited highlights, be very glad I am not uploading THEM ALL!

We found it slightly easier to find our way out of Reims than we did to find our way in – limited signage, multiple one way streets and lots of road works on the roads we finally found going in the right direction – we seemed to circle the city centre a number of times before we finally located the carpark recommended to us.

What is next on our French adventure ….. we aren’t quite sure yet, but if our kids have anything to do with it, it probably won’t include a cathedral! Watch this space.

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  1. didn’t realize there were that many cathedrals in France – you could do a photo book with all your cathedral photos now that would be cool – any castles near by???? what’s in store for today?

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