Our French Home from Home – our home exchange continues

One of the top advantages of house swapping is getting to stay in a real home, not an annonymous hotel room or impersonal appartment. While I am not going to show lots of photos of our hosts’ home, here are a few of the wee things I have enjoyed about this house.

The gorgeuos tiled floor in the hall and kitchen

“Chunky” traditional radiatiors

Lovely large garden

Great cartoon postcards – this one is my favourite!

The large selection of boy toys (they are a family with 2 boys) has been a great hit with my son (dinasuars, castles and playmobile) and the table tennis table on the patio has been popular with the whole family.

Thanks for visiting my latest home swap post, and I’d love a comment or two – so jump on in and comment, pretty please 🙂

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  1. Oh dear, that postcard is a bit too spot on sometimes isn’t it:) I absolutely love the tiles, I’d love a tiled hall but apparently it would mean changing the floorboards, planing the doors, blah blah blah, I’m working on him:)

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