On the11th day of December….Nesting Santas

Welcome back, and welcome along to Show and Tell Friday (I know it is Thursday when I am posting this, but I plan to link it to There’s No Place Like Home on Friday….so forgive me, please!)

Continuing in the daily Christmas blogging theme (will I make it to Christmas Eve?) today I am sharing my Nesting Santas.

I now have two sets, the more modern set I purchased this year in Accessorize.

As you can see, there are 5 figures in total, starting with Santa, and ending up with a mini Christmas tree.

Not sure what it is that appeals to me so much about nesting sets, the I love them.

My second set I have had for a few years, and I think I ordered it from a mail-order catalogue, in the good old days of catalogues before on-line shopping arrived.

There are 7 figures in this set, but please don’t examine the tiny Santas in too much detail, as the accuracy of the painting deteriorates rapidly in direct relation to the size.

So thanks for joining me today, for more of my Christmas decor and traditions posts be sure to check back to previous posts. Here is a list!

For more Show and Tell, check out Kelli’s blog HERE.

A lot to fit in today – speech therapy for one child, piano lessons for 2, and then same 2 children to perform in a christmas concert in the town this evening withing an hour of their piano lesson, having been fed somewhere in between!

Have a lovely day, and come back soon.
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  1. You certainly have a busy day today! Your nested Santas are so cute! My children would love these!

  2. I have some nested Santa ornament balls very much like the standing dolls you have pictured there. I ordered mine from a catalog back in the day, too. lol, of course the largest is the size of a softball, and once they are all packed inside one another, there’s no tree branch in the world that can hold the weight. I didn’t think of that when I bought them!

  3. OH my gosh!! Those are so cute. I’ve never owned any. Now you’ve got me wanting to collect those.

  4. I love the nested santas. I have a russian santa doll to hang on my tree. I love reading your christmas blogg.

  5. How cute ! are they out of wood ? Reminds me what we call the “Russian dolls” where you can put one into the other, know what I mean ?

  6. They are soooo cute. My granchildren would love them, especially the little boy who loves to stack things.

  7. I can say only this….I want that! So so cool.

    My Show n Tell is a holiday tale, come by and visit if you can find some time. Happy Weekend.

  8. Your Santa are just darling! They remind me of the Santa gourds I paint. I love how they go from big to small. What a wonderful collection you have!

  9. I love the nesting figurines, you can usually find them in northern Europe countries, it’s difficult to find one here. Yours are very nice (and btw, our local Accessorize shop doesn’t have them!).
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for your commento on my blog (and say hi for me to your beautiful land, it stolen my heart long ago)
    Gracie at https://mylittleplace.blog.com

  10. They’re lovely, I’m the same I’ve never seen nesting Santas before just the russian dolls (and higgly town heros).

    I honestly don’t know where you find the time for everything, you must be really organised.

  11. whata sweet show-n-tell, I haven’t seen nesting toys in a long time, thanks for coming by today

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