Welcome to My Hall!

Welcome to my world in Northern Ireland. I am taking part in a number of bloggy carnivals today, so glad you could join me.

At Kelly’s Korner this week it is Show us Where you Live – Foyer/Entrance Way

Being in Northern Ireland we don’t tend to have foyers (unless you live in a hotel!) but we do have halls, so today I am sharing the hall in our holiday cottage.

It is so small (compact and bijoux I think is the term used by the estate agents in the 80’s and 90’s) that it has been necessary to step outside the hall to take photos of it!

So, hear goes

Front Door (from outside)

Front Door (from the stairs)

Stairs (from outside front Door)

More of the stairs from up the stairs!

Some of the details

Coat Hook – I fell in love with this just after we had signed the paperwork for the cottage, and I bought it before we even had the keys to the cottage!

Talking of keys – wish these were original, but I love them anyway.

Do you remember this sign from a few weeks ago? It is on a trial relocation at the moment, not sure if it is destined to stay at the holiday cottage, or our main home.

This frame was an ebay purchase, and I use it to display some local vintage postcards.

This perpetual calendar is from East of India, as is this wee saying “friends/angels” which was a housewarming gift.

This mirror was another house-warming gift from a friend. I had fun trying to get different reflections in it.
I love occasional lights instead of using the main central light, but there is certainly no room for a table, so a friend donated this small lamp which just about fits on the wee windowsill. I think it was from Laura Ashley.

So there you have it – may hall/entry/foyer – it is probably only about 4 ft wide by 5 ft long.

In the interests of keeping it real, I assure you it is usually full of sand from the beach, a collection of shells and stones, abandoned shoes and AT LEAST this many coats!

Now on to another purchase to share which I am delighted with. A few weeks ago I was really impressed and inspired by THIS bathroom makeover by Flower Patch Farm Girl.

In particular on her walls she had some framed maps, which inspired me to search for some for the walls of our holiday cottage.

Finding myself child-free for an hour or so, I had a rummage in the local second hand book shop. Initially I was looking at old atlases, but invariably each map I may have wanted to use had a central seam/fold as it spread over 2 pages. So I moved on to inquire about local maps of the area.

The shop owner brought out a lovely old one of Co Donegal (which is further west of here, but can be seen from the local beaches – there is often a beautiful sunset over the Donegal hills). (Did you know we can also see Scotland to the north west – we are that close!)
He said it was very hard to find a map of our area, as they were in great demand. However, I rummaged further, and found one!

Not just as old and beautiful as the first, but still dated 1912! I ended up buying both. You can even see where our cottage is marked on the map of this area.

Now I just need to find the correct size of frames, and when I do, I promise to share them, hanging on the walls of the cottage.

Have you been directly inspired by another blog? Do share.

I am also linking up this post to Hooked On Houses, as this week I am hooked on my cottage hallway and vintage maps.

I am linking to Beautiful Life at The Inspired Room, as I appreciated some of my wee bits and pieces I have in my compact hall with fresh eyes today. It is funny how you can walk past items daily without really noticing them, until you stop to photograph them and blog about them.

Finally, I will include this in Show and Tell this week at Kelli’s There’s No Place Like Home.

Hope you have a moment to check out some of these wonderful blogs.

If you are visiting from any of these places, you are most welcome to Northern Ireland, and I hope you come back soon.

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  1. Hi JanMary
    You are in alot of blogs today you busy girl! I love your entrance. I especially love all the wood.

  2. I too really like the hanger…and the sign that tells us “They lived Happily Ever After”…is such a great addition.

    My Show n Tell is posted if you’d like to stop by. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Love the door. Love the stairs. Is everything wonderful in your part of the world? I’m beginning to think so!

  4. *sigh* – I just love your entrance – it looks so homey!

    So, is your holiday cottage different than your everyday home?

    And can I have that door? I am in love with the color.

  5. Oh my word, just your hallway makes me want to see your house. What a gift you have with decorating. I loved your kitchen redo also.

    Keep posting pictures of your house. I love to see what other people are doing. I have to say your blog inspires me!

  6. Thank you for the lovely comment, I just had to stop by and visit after that! Your entry is lovely! All those pretty details have me drooling. The vintage map of your area is a brilliant design idea. You’ve got me thinking!!

    Sadaf Trimarchi – all the way from New Jersey, USA!

  7. What a great post! I love peeking though doors and windows to see how other live/decorate!!

    Love you pink door too!

    If you have time, stop by for a visit!


  8. I love your entryway! You have a lot of very cool thing there (and obviously a lot can fit in a small space!). I absolutely love the hooks, the keys and the sign. I can see why you bought it before things were finalized with your house!! The Laura Ashley lamp is perfect for the space (and fabulous).

    I think the maps are a great find. A lot of people are using them for wall art. When we bought our Lakehouse, we framed and hung a map of the area~not for decorative purposes, but to find our way around! LOL!!!

    Have a great weekend, JanMary!! 🙂


  9. Your cottage is divine! I love that white door. And so glad you found some maps. To bypass the crease/fold issue, I first ironed mine on low heat, then decoupaged them right onto the cardboard insert that comes with the frame, and tossed the glass panel in the trash. It gives them a fun, vintagey look with a bit of sheen and protection and it smoothed right over those blasted creases! Just a thought. Can’t wait to see your finished product!

  10. I did see her bathroom. Phenomenal! An Ireland girl, huh? Never been there. I’m sitting in East Texas wondering when the heat will let up so it’s not so taxing to go out the door. I enjoyed my visit to your place! Isn’t it fun looking inside other people’s houses? Like driving around at night when people leave their windows bared and the lights are on.

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