Day 23 – He’s Not Home for Christmas Anymore!

A lot of sad faces in our house tonight, poor George, our ginger cat, will be spending his Christmas with the vet. And his Christmas Day present will probably be the relief of being catheterised again! Poor thing still having problems, but in the best place. Also, in comparison to some really big issues facing some this Christmas – including bereavement and serious illness, we have so much to be thankful for.

Tonight I am just home from our candelit carol service. It was a beautiful service, very moving. With so much else going on in our lives, it is good to stop and catch our breath and remember what Christmas is all about. Going to this service is now part of my christmas tradition. Did you go to a carol service this year? Please share, or another tradition if you prefer.

Finally, a christmas photo.

We put a small number of white lights on trees outside out house. Not as many as some of our neighbours, but nearly every one uses only white lights.

Sorry for the alien life forms hovering in the photo – the lens will be cleaned!

Short post tomorrow, and I promise to TRY to post tomorrow, so until then, Happy Christmas.

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  1. We always go to the Childrens mas on Christmas eve, we have an eleven year old and she joins in with their nativity, that makes Christmas for us!!

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