Lessons Learned – fireworks, cycling, car boot sales and New Horizons!

How has life been treating you this week?

With friends and internet friends suffering with their own health or the health of their kids, in a way I feel guilty that our holiday continues unabated.

So what have we been up to, and what have I learned?

  • This last week was New Horizon – a huge christian conference, with kids program too. I learned lots about self-worth, christian parenting, and there were some great speakers (some flown in from US!). Apoligies for the photo – not my usual standard, but quickly snapped this before the meeting started. The marquee was packed to capacity both morning and evening.

The praise was led by Keith and Kristen Getty, and we have their new cd playing in the car. If you are not familiar with their music, do check out their site.

There was even a seminar on social networking in a christian context. The speaker declared that blogging was “sooooo 2004”, and that twitter was the way forward, but I beg to differ.

I may be “twittering” more than I used to (and feel free to follow me – janmary3) but I believe the sense and spirit of community that blogging enables, could never be acheived by micro-blogging? Agree or disagree?….Discuss!

  • Car boot sales (probably the nearest equivalent to a yard sale, but held in a communal place, such as a church car park, not at individaul homes) can be great fun, especially if you spend 10 pence on a toy for your son at the beginning, and he happily plays with it for the entire time!

  • We took the kids for another bike ride along the coastal path between Bushmills and the Giants Causeway and I learned 2 things from this

1. We can no longer keep up on foot with our 4 year old on his bike – the time has come for us ALL to “get on our bikes”!

2. There were an amazing number of bugs along the way. Thanks to an irish moth expert (did you know such a thing exists! – thank you Google), these were identified by him as

Six-spot Burnet Moths. The 2 spots nearest the head are often joined together giving the appearance of one spot.

In addition I can see black and orange caterpillars in 2 of the photos. This is the caterpillar of the Cinnabar Moth, Ragwort being the foodplant.”

Thanks Angus.

  • I was reminded this weekend that watching a local firework display can be just as enjoyable as any display Disney can put on. All you need are friends, a mild and dry evening, hot chocolate in a flask, a great vantage point, a castle (ok – a convent!) as a backdrop, and we were just as impressed!

Finally, here are my latest weekly digital scrapbooking summaries of my daily photos for 2009.
So, have you learned anything this week? Do share. For more lessons, be sure to visit Musings of a Housewife

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6 thoughts on “Lessons Learned – fireworks, cycling, car boot sales and New Horizons!”

  1. New Horizon sounds so exciting. I was actually checking out Keith and Kristyn Getty’s music just last night for a conference I am worship leading at in a few weeks! The world is a small place. Any of their songs you’d particularly recommend?

  2. I work across the street from a christian university & every summer they have Horizons for 12-18 YOs & it’s neat to see the campus flooded with all those young people!
    I used to live in England & I miss the weekend car bot sales! They were so much fun & interesting for a young, wide-eyed yank to get to go to!

  3. OH I always enjoy your pictures. They are so beautiful.
    And I’ll be honest. I had a twitter but then I canceled because I forgot about it and didn’t have time to do it. So I vote that blogging is here to stay! LOL

  4. I think you’re right about the blogging community vs. twitter. I end up following a lot of blogger friends on twitter, but I would have never found them through twitter. Without a little background (provided by some “actual” blogs), many micro-blogs don’t quite do it for me. You know, I need context! That being said, I have found a couple people through twitter whose blogs I now follow, but it usually works the other way for me.

  5. I like Twitter (and I just followed you) but many times I just need to say more than I can say in 140 characters! Besides, blogging is about relationships for me, not just trying to gain influence using social media platforms.

    The boot sale and fireworks sound awesome. I only like to go to garage sales when there are a bunch of people selling at once–and the boot sale would fit that criterion.

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