Show and Tell – a cross-stitch sampler

For today’s show and tell I am sharing a cross-stitch picture I completed in 1990 – what a long time ago! I used to have the time, patience and eye-sight for cross-stitch. Now it appears I have none of these!!!

Originally I hung this in the kitchen of our first home. When we moved, it was donated to my Mum’s kitchen, and now it is on the wall in our holiday cottage.

When I chose it (I think I bought the kit in a shop in France), I certainly never imagined I would have a cat, but loved the window in the centre of the image, with the cat looking out.

I also chose it to match my collection of blue/white china which was on display on our pine dresser. The dresser has since been donated to a relative, and the china is currently packed in boxes in the attic, but I look forward to displaying it again at some stage.

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On to my other news, which I hinted at in my last post, I am now getting the chance to create digital pages for Katie Hadfield, a wonderful UK digi-designer.

Here is my first layout with her new kits – Autumn Harvest Papers, Harvest Hayride Doodles and Wet Paint Papers. They should be up soon in her store, and I will add the links when they are available.

The quote was a new one for me, but I think sums up Autumn perfectly:

“Winter is an etching,
spring a watercolor,
summer an oil painting and
autumn a mosaic of them all.”
Stanley Horowitz

The weather has been wet and windy this week, so no new photos of the kids to share (for a change!).

So that is your lot for today.

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23 thoughts on “Show and Tell – a cross-stitch sampler”

  1. Firstly {do I always start my comments off this way?} Its cool to revisit old projects. I think we are harder on ourselves about them – I have a whole folder of watercolor paintings hiding under a loveseat – I think they are MEH, but others exclaim over them. I think for me, its the creating ‘process’ that is what I enjoy, the afterwards is not as important.

    I personally think your cross stitching is wonderful and I’ve always admired the patience it must take to complete a project like this.

    Love your layout – sort of whimsical & the bold colors just GO!

    The sentiment is one I would choose, too.

    Its always a treat to visit!

    ~ Barb

  2. Love the cross-stitch work Jan Mary! Wow…I am always so much in awe of anyone who can sit down and do this work. And such painstaking stitchery and time consuming. Love the cat…but of course I think Cats Rule! LOL

    Fabulous Show n Tell.

    My show n tell is Halloween, solar lights since most all my visitors have been asking for some of my halloween decorations I’ve been setting up…and a set of kitchen linens that match my blog’s header that I found! Come on by if you can find time…Happy Friday!

  3. I think the cross stitch is lovely. It’s something I wouldn’t mind having a go at it, but I’m not sure my eyes would thank me for it.

    I love that layout. I may have to try my hand at some, one day. Not that I would any idea of where to begin.

  4. Grandma Faith

    Your cross stitch is very pretty. I know it was a lot of hard work, but you did a good job. Take care.

  5. Cross stitch is one of my things and I can understand how it starts bothering your eyes. I’m trying to finish one with black and white symbols that are on the light side. Wonder why I have a headache when I work on it! I think your piece is so sweet. I’m glad you still love your 18 yr old piece. I have a tiny sampler I did-in 1980! I still have it too.
    Your scrapbook page is sweet!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  6. Thank you for sharing….I used to cross stitch. I love the little kitty looking out the window!

  7. Cookie Sunshine

    I can see hours and hours in that cross stitch piece. It’s lovely. Your scrapbook page is just beautiful. Great show and tell.

    Happy weekend,

  8. Hi Jan Mary! You’re invited to “My Favorite Things Monday” inspired by the Sound of Music! You sharing a picture and story of your current ‘favorite thing’ that cheered you up when life got you down, would be a blessing! I hope you can come!

  9. knock, knock?

    Just checkin, but nobody’s home. Guess you are off doing something fun and exciting and will relish looking for it here!

    ~ Barb

  10. I loved to cross stitch in college. Now I am (nearly) 41 and my hands could never hold the needle. I struggle to knit. This has brought back a lot of memories for me, and I do miss it.

  11. Irritable Mother

    The cross stitch is beautiful! You must be big on patience – you and your crafty projects!
    Nice work. *grin*

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