February Dawn and there’s more to "There’s More"!

February is dawning. This was the sunrise in my wee part of the world this morning.

I have discovered that there’s more to There’s More!

Our week of events for our local community (called There’s More) is over and I learned

  •  we should never underestimate others response to the good news of Jesus – many responded at the various events (over 36 separate events) to move forward in their faith.
  • The 5 specific events I attended were the Mums and Daughters Craft night, the ladies chocolate fondue party and I helped at a kids party which had over 50 kids attending (most with little or no church connection) as well as coffee and croissants for the parents of kids at our Sunday School. on each occasion those attending were presented with the good news of Jesus and invited to respond.

Face painting at the kids party

and the kids party team 

  • There are exciting challenges ahead as we is encourage those who made a commitment.  Prayers appreciated for those I am to contact!

  • Through the whole “There’s More” event we learned that there is also more of God for us too – we just need to step out in faith.

  • I also learned that there’s more to life than blogging (shock! horror!) Last week there was little time to blog, and when I did have a few moments to spare I felt no inclination to blog…..a very unusual situation for me!  I am sure normal service will be resumed shortly.

  • I learned that at on a course there can be information overload! Fortunately there were lots of handouts so I plan to work through them and my own notes to process some of the ideas in my own time!

  • Finally I have learned that I am looking forward to a much quieter week this week – at least I am hoping so!

So what is going on in your life this week, and have you any lessons to share?

For more lessons learned and shared, visit Musings of a Housewife.

Finally – a few of this week’s Project 365 daily photos.

Come back soon for more.

12 thoughts on “February Dawn and there’s more to "There’s More"!”

  1. Creative Junkie

    Sigh. Not much going on over here. Painting my daughter’s room and trying to find accessories. I want Nate to build a bed. He’s not too enthusiastic.

    Same old, same old.

  2. Look at the sweet baby face with the impish smile dancing on his lips!!! OMG–makes me want to have another one at my age! LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I learned … that I love learning. I’m enjoying learning at school, could stay there 24/7. That is if I did not also get myself ‘hooked’ on knitting, and painting and even another new craft which I’ve taught myself using youtube videos and instructions on the internet. Its empowering.

    I learned my husband is a romantic at heart and I appreciate him more than ever. Just when life seems to be predictable he does something sweet and amazing.

    I hope your life is quiet this week too. Its good for the soul – specially following a busy week like you had. Now you’ll have time to digest it all.

  4. I love your photo of the sunrise – it’s lovely.
    It’s a quieter week for me too as I am not working doubles this week,
    and can spend some time on my project 365, and blogging and learning photoshop!!

  5. Thats awesome about your church event and the pictures a great. The baby is so cute.


  6. I do admire your committment to sharing your time and helping so much in the community. I started Sunday school for my girl in January as I felt she was loosing focus and getting more into being with the cool crowd than concentrating on life. They are teaching good topics like temptation, regret and we had to literally drive ard looking for a bible for her at 9pm cos she wanted it for class the next day. I think putting her in Sunday class was the best thing I’ve done for 2010

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