Signs of the times

Not sure why but I am strangely drawn to decorative signs and chalk boards for the home/cottage.

This one was a recent post Christmas sale purchase (from Laura Ashley)

And here are a few other ones currently gracing the walls and shelves, either here or at the cottage:

I also quite like individual letters – these ceramic ones are in my new kitchen – ok not really new anymore as we have now had it for over 10 months but it still seems new to me.


I would love to try some of those vinyl “word arts” but I need to work on persuading a certain someone who is yet to be convinced!

So what about you? Have you and words/signs on display in your home? Do share!

21 thoughts on “Signs of the times”

  1. I love, love, love decorating with words. My 3yr old daughter has “Flitter Flutter” written on a wall in her bedroom, and my 16mth old son has “ROAR” on his! In the kitchen I have letters that spell out H-O-M-E. One quirky piece I have is a chalkboard from an old coffee shop! It still has on it the items you can order… milkshakes, coffee, tea, etc.

  2. Creative Junkie

    Well, I think you’ve seen my Welcome and my Carpe Diem. If it were up to me, I’d have every wall plastered with words but Nate doesn’t want to live inside a dictionary.

  3. I love your style!!! I have a few signs of my own:

    1) In the dining room: “Friends Gather Here”
    2) Sitting room: “Faith Family Friends”
    3) Kitchen: “Welcome to Cape May” and “Tea for two and two for tea”

    🙂 Love your little hearts.

  4. Just on my corkboard above my desk or on the fridge magnets. Husband is like others–doesn’t want to live in the dictionary or encyclpedia sets. 😀 But I love yours!

  5. I love all of those!! Your kitchen is still SO beautiful!! Wow. Its going to be that stunning in 30 years too! Great classic details and design!


  6. When I was this post I thought thats lovely using words to decorate your home. I didn’t think I had any until I started to look around the house. I have a lovely wooden word in the kitchen which spells out LOVE. It was a gift which someone had handmade. I also made a wall hanging which says welcome. It was my first thing I handmade myself!

  7. Still LOVE the “Life is Good” one! I actually have the rub on letters in two places. My bathroom door and laundry room door are right next to each other, so to prevent company from entering the laundry room (eek) I have the words “Wash You Hands (mom said so)” on the bathroom door and the words “Laundry Room – not responsible for loss or damage”

  8. Really cool and also classic signs, i don’t have any cos it gets real dusty quickly here. Will only have ones that i can put in a bucket of soapy water and scrub

  9. Hi Janmary, long time no see, saw you over on SITS and thought I’d come over and say Hi.

    If there was one sign I’d love to put up in my house it would be “Be Quiet”. My kids make such a noise…..

  10. Becca @ Our Crazy Boys

    I love your signs!!I have some of the wall art in my kitchen, and I get so many compliments on it! You can always peel it off if you don’t like it!!

  11. We don’t have many decorating-with-words things around the house, but they sure are cute! We do have a chalkboard!

    I think I’m going to copy your adorable heart tree! It’s so cute!!

  12. Oh I love your signs! Especially the Happily ever After one!
    We have on sign on our camper that says “Moose Lodge” with a picture of a Moose, my husband’s nick name is Moose.

    Hope you are having a great weekend! Happy SITS Saturday!

  13. They are really lovely – I think I need some around my house.
    I love your stove. [cooker/oven]

  14. I love collecting the initals to our names –
    just found a big “H” to hang on the wall in the family room when I re-do the wall,
    and I have quite abit of “E”‘s scattered around my office.

  15. Yeah I did and my mom finds it weird seeing my display tag on my door that says Do Not Disturb! LOL. Eventually, I changed it with a display of God is good to me, God Bless!

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