Lessons learned – lots of them

 Can you guess what this is?  Read on!

 I am starting my lessons learned this week with two I forgot to include last week!

Exams and results are almost as stressful when being sat by your kids. My daughter may disagree! We were very proud of her results anyway irrespective of who found it more stressful.

Following this blog post I learned that lots of my friends and readers share my dislike of those basins at the hairdressers – they are literally a pain in the neck! Do YOU find them comfortable?

This week

I learned that my son could not quite believe his luck when he was not just allowed but ENCOURAGED to push and shove while dressed up in a sumo suit (with a spiderman painted on his face too)!

Not that sumo wrestling is usually associated with church run events but the “There’s More” week at our church continues to be a great success – the wide variety of events planned means there is literally something for everyone.

Enjoying my Project 365 and have found a great website that facilitates easy upload of your daily photos and see your month at a glance.  If you are doing Project 365, please let me know, I would love to follow your progress.

Here is one of this week’s photos – my kids assure me they are much too old for a dolls house, but sometimes they can be found “tidying” it up!

Question for you – what should I do with the dolls house?

Give it to charity, sell it, or put it in the attic for another generation? It is getting in the way downstairs, and I need to make a decision about it soon. Isn’t it funny how I am not so sentimental about a toy unless it is made of wood!

I learned that I am quite anxious about going on a 2 day course tomorrow and thursday – it has been a LONG time since I attended something like this and worried my brain might struggle to “get in gear”!

However it is also sort of reassuring when you realise just HOW MANY PEOPLE who are kindly helping me out with the kids for the 2 days – a mum can’t easily be replaced by just one person!

I learned that booking your flights for your summer holiday is VERY exciting – especially as we are visitng New England for 3 weeks. We were there about 15 years since we were there, before kids, and we loved it.  I will be looking for some recommendations for retail/dining/activities nearer the time.

Making clay beads is fun – permission to play and make a mess is great – even if your dh assumes they were made by your 5 year old instead of by you! Did you guess correctly?

Next week I might share how they look when painted, varnished and used to create something,…….or maybe not, depending how they turn out!

That is it for this week – please share your lessons with me.

For more lessons visit Jo Lynne

So what have you learned this week?

17 thoughts on “Lessons learned – lots of them”

  1. Oh the clay beads look like fun. Kind of like playing with plasticine only you get to claim that it’s work and not meant to be fun:) If you don’t decide to keep the doll’s house for future generations, I’m hereby putting my hand and showing an interest. I’ve always wanted a doll’s house, for Chloe of course.

  2. Thans for the 365 link. I may have to join that – I’ve been trying to take a picture every day – some are a little pathetic, but hey – it’s still January and I’m still learning!

  3. Hey JanMary–you had a full week! Thank you for sharing your life through photos! I’m anxiously awaiting the next step in the beads!

  4. i too am working on project 365 – i did it last year and was soo good about keeping up every day –
    until december hit.
    then i stopped.
    but now i am ready to begin again –
    i will begin posting my pics on my blog next week – i really love this idea’
    i look back at last years photos and can’t believe it’s been a year!!!
    My gosh – enjoy your busy week

  5. I am wondering what to do with my daughter’s dollhouse too when she outgrows it. It was made by her grandfather so I’d really love to save it for her and her family but it is huge! That looks like a well-made dollhouse, I’d probably keep and store it.

  6. I’ve learned that your blog is a wonderful place to visit with my first cup of coffee in the morning! I don’t know how you fit everything in!

    You really had me stumped with the orange/beads – I was sure it was a science experiment meaning to show the relation of planets to the sun.

    The doll house? I’d say keep it for your grandchildren, but it might be even more meaningful to them if you had a council with the children on it and discuss what a womens shelter is and they may feel led to donate it there. We need to give our children choices. perhaps they could come with you to donate – it might be an eye opener to them plus it would bring them comfort SEEING it goes for a good cause. If they decide to donate it make sure you take 100 photos of it and do a layout with it’s full history.

    Hope your course goes well – enjoy! It’s good for a mum to have some special time and has a way of drawing attention to all she’s valued for in her absence.

    Thinking of you today!

    Love, Barb

  7. Creative Junkie

    Don’t throw the doll house out! Keep it for the grandchildren! What a wonderful toy they could play with, knowing that it was once their mommy’s/daddy’s … kwim?

    Ingenious idea for the beads!

  8. Thirkellgirl

    Keep the dolls house! That’s one of those things that has specific memories related to it and isn’t easily replaced. Before you know it you’ll have grandchildren!

  9. hi janmary!!! i didn’t guess they were beads..hahaha. i thought at first they were marshmallows.
    the doll house is the cutest!! don’t give it away, it is a treasure and i am sure someday your girls will appreciate you keeping them.
    good luck on your 2 day course (…about what exactly??) and enjoy!!

  10. Jenny86753oh9

    I was WAY off on my guess…HA! But enjoyed it all the same. On the dollhouses? I so, so wish my mother would’ve kept mine. I don’t have daughters but I treasure still.

    You have a wonderful blog…I’m glad I stopped by.

  11. thedomesticfringe

    I would have never guessed clay beads. I was thinking science and something cosmic. I’d love to see the finished product! The sumo suits look fun. 🙂


  12. Caution Flag

    I thought they were marshmellows! Oops.

    My daughter is almost 15 and we still have two doll houses in the basement. I suspect they will someday follow her to her own home. In the meantime, I’m glad to be their caregiver.

  13. bentonflocke

    beautiful dolls house! I wouldn´t sell it, I´ll put it in the attic for another generation!!

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