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Can you guess what foxes, sumo wrestlers, owls, bouncy castle and a rabbit in a hat have in common? Read on……

This week will be a hectic one for our family and our church, as we are involved in an entire week of community outreach.

Yesterday morning we had a Family Fun morning, similar in style to our Fall Fest but without the pumpkins!  An animal rescue centre brought along some of their residents including 2 owls, a fox, rabbit, ferret and hedgehog. 
A fire engine complete with hose to squirt and 2 police motor bikes with flashing lights proved to be very popular.  Sumo wrestling padded costumes were a definite highlight and 
there was even a magician at the end and the kids were fascinated by the tricks as well as the slapstick humour.

Here are some photos of my son enjoying the morning activities:

And one of the owls kept a close eye on the events!

As part of each of the events, designed to be welcoming to non-church friends too, there will be a short talk from a team of speakers – sharing of how “there’s more” for all of us through a personal Christian faith. 

  • Last night there was a Scottish Ceilidh where along with other the usual supper there was black pudding and turnip being served by a certain church member wearing a kilt and proud of his heritage!
  • This morning the kids were provided breakfast in Sunday School, and the parents were invited to enjoy croissants and coffee along with the morning papers.
  • A mums and daughters craft night

  • A pub quiz
  • A ladies chocolate fondue night

  • Salsa dancing

  • Laser Skirmishing
  • Community Concert …..and there’s more!

Have you ever been involved in any events like this? Which of these would you like to attned in you lived near us in Northern Ireland?
So an exciting week ahead for everyone in our house – what are YOU up to this week?

I love the conversations we have through your comments on my blog, so leave a comment, pretty please?

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  1. Hi JanMary–I left you an award–details on my blog a few days back! 😀

    We’ve been caring for Blue, and I’ve been reaching out to my students. Nothing exciting like in your neck of the world! 😀

  2. Hi JM,

    Sigh. ONE of those events would be fun at our teensy tiny church. SOON – we are all believing upon the Lord that our future holds for enough people to warrant events like this. I’ve arranged some craft nights though and even one on one the connecting is the best ministry.

    One of our ladies has suggested we rent a local hotel/condo for a day and have a ladies Spa Day. With off season rates it should be a do-able thing.

    IF I lived (who knows, Mr’s retirement is only about 10 yrs away) or even visited ANY one of these would be fun to attend.

    This week is about building cards, visiting with a few dear friends, going to school, helping at school. Thx for asking.


  3. it looks like a blast – and if I were up there I would be there in a heart beat.
    Enjoying some warmer weather finally,
    this week is busy working doubles everyday at the restaurant –
    and finishing up our plans for our trip up there.
    hope you have a wonderful week.

  4. I love the look on the owl’s face. Hilarious. I also love the kids in the Summo suits. Just what a boy needs mid winter!

  5. Just a note from the said church member ‘wearing a kilt’ that the ‘black pudding’ was in fact HAGGIS – that illustrious Scottish delicacy immortalised by Rabbie Burns!

  6. Our congregation here in Western New York USA – puts on a similar Fall Fest, for one day. They set up a carnival type atmosphere with local fireman and fire trucks, petting zoo, magician, bounce houses, race cars, pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, photo booths, rock wall climbing, baseball throwing centers all thru the building and parking lot. It is always a huge success with the number of people from the town who come – but not so much of a success in gaining new members. Most folks here are already attending and members of other churches in the area, so it is a lot of work for us – to provide just a fun day for them.

    This year they did a Christmas one – with carol singing, skits, gingerbread making, harp playing, nativity display, craft making, live nativity evening. Again, a nice program – but it doesn’t draw new members.

    We have a huge basketball league for little ones in the winter. EVery Saturday countless members volunteer most of their day to run this league. It is a Ton of work and time. The parking lot is never as full as on basketball game day. Such a wonderful service for the community, but I am not sure even one family has begun attending because of that.

    So you look at the deeper picture – are you doing it to get more people to come, or to be Christ with skin on to the community.

    Reminds me of the story of the guy throwing starfish from the beach back into the ocean. There were too many for him to get them all – and he said … If I can save only one – then it was worth it!

    By the way – I love your owl photo!

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