Antique Doll

I am “killing two birds with one stone” today as I share by antique doll both as my photo for today as part of Project 365, and also for my Show and Tell.

I was given this doll as a child, and it has nearly always sat in my bedroom, wherever I have lived. It belonged to a friend/relative of my grandmother. She has what I assume is her original hair and clothes. She has 3 separate undergarments, and then the outer dress. All now showing their age, but not too bad for approximately 100 years old. She also has a hat, but that has fallen down the back of a heavy bookcase, so was not available for the photo shoot!

She has a manufacturers name of Limbach at the back of her neck, and was made in Germany. Her head is bisque, and not sure what her body is made from, but she has lost a couple of fingers.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. What is your oldest treasured item?

For more Show and Tell, visit Kellie at There’s No Place Like Home.

Have an english friend flying over tomorrow for a couple of days. Have not quite decided where we will take here, but whatever we do I will be taking more photos of my photo-a-day project! Come back and see where we have been.

Take care.

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  1. That is a lovely doll! I love the show and tell idea, and this will make a great addition to your 365!

  2. A beautiful doll and great for your show & tell. My oldest treasured item is my husband’s family bible which we have. It dates back to the 1700’s, has the old English in it making it really hard to read. It has a lot of family history (marriages, births, deaths)

  3. What a beautiful doll! I have my Great Grandmothers doll about the same age as yours. They are truly treasures. Thanks for sharing her!

  4. What a lovely doll. She’s very different from the ones made now.

    The oldest thing I own is my great aunt’s wedding ring, it was her mother’s before her. It’s probably around 80 yrs old. My great aunt married in 56 and she was 28, which was quite old for a bride, or so she told me.

  5. What a lovely doll!! I’ve always loved porcelain dolls, and it must be so much fun to have it, as a memory of your grandmother!

  6. This is a TREASURE, JM, and I’m sure your daughters love her too. Was she new when you were given her, or was it passed on from somewhere? Do you have childhood pics of you with this doll? Did you play with her, or just look at her?

    Very nice!

  7. What a beautiful doll, JanMary, such a treasure to have, and it looks like you’ve taken very good care of her even if she is missing some fingers. Wonderful shots, too!

    The only thing I could think of as far as my oldest treasure was my wedding ring. It is from my husband’s great aunt and was over 100 years old. Unfortunately, I no longer have it, as it was lost in one of our many moves. It was the only jewelry that I wore and am always sad that I lost it. Such is life.

    Hope you and your friend enjoy your visit!

  8. She is so beautiful! I do have some fun old items to share. Maybe I’ll send them next Friday, since I’ve missed this S & T. You’ll have to stop by and see how I messed up my British pastry.


  9. She is just beautiful, JanMary. She has such a pretty face and her lacy dress is gorgeous. She’s a treasure!

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