Playing Catch-Up!

So, I have got a bit behind with my blog. Lots of layouts, and a few great things to tell you about.

First a wonderful challenge at The Meadow, the great new blog from the Weeds and Wildflowers CT. If you would love to receive a fantastic brag book, just complete the FIRST 3 THINGS challenge by Saturday – everyone who enters will received the brag book. Here is what I created – I wonder if I am eligible for the brag book too!

Secondly, are you feeling autumnal? There have been some beautiful crisp mornings here in Northern Ireland recently. The trees are turning beautiful shades of red and gold, and as there have not been strong winds yet, most of the leaves are still attached. I must get out and take some photos before they disappear. So I made an autumn layout using a beautiful new kit called Swirling Leaves, by Heidi Williams of Weeds and Wildflower Designs and Saxon Holt of Sophia Sarducci.

Finally for now, another layout for another challenge last week on The Meadow blog.

Credits for all these layouts can be found at my gallery at DST.

So, I would love you to tell me of any Halloween traditions, and how this has changed from when you were a child. I read on Spider Girl’s Blog a new tradition in their family, and called Boo!

As a child here in Northern Ireland we celebrated with a few traditions – but other than a few toffee apples and apple tarts containing coins, a ring and a button, there was not much in the shops. We could not get pumkins here, so made do with a turnip (!) which is too thin, and near impossible to scoop out – so we always had wonky lanterns and usually some bent spoons too! We played traditional games like bobbing for apples. Fireworks were banned due to the ‘troubles’ so we just had a few sparklers. We did go trick or treating, but just to the houses in our street. Now it is very ‘americanised’ – the supermarkets are full of treats, costumes and pumkins – our kids love it! As a christian, I do not like many aspects of Halloween, but I hope we manage to get the balance right.

Here is one of my first layouts – of Halloween last year.

Please share what happens where you live, or your memories of Halloween as a child.


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  1. Actually, did you know that the first jackolanterns were actually made from turnips? 🙂

    When we were little my mom had a box of costumes that came out each October. We dressed up and trick or treated most years. But there was a while there where my parents didn’t feel it was safe enough, so during those years we had Halloween parties instead.

    These days we throw in there a family trip to the pumpkin patch 🙂 Also, we don’t use our costumes once a year, they are for dress-up all year long. And I also inspect all candy before letting my little ones eat any, just like my mom did. My dd’s birthday is just before Halloween, so we also throw a birthday party in there too 🙂

  2. Beautiful layouts! I’ll have to check out the challenge for the brag book it sounds wonderful! As for Halloween around our house, we alway carve pumpkins together and then the kids dress up and go trick-or-treating which is pretty much what I did as a child although my mom always made my costumes and I usually buy ones for my kiddos since I don’t have the extra time to make them.

  3. Love your layouts, as for Halloween, I’m one of those people who doesn’t celebrate it. I never have…even growing up, so no stories to tell here. LOL

  4. For Halloween, I usually fix a big pot of chili and while the kids trick-or-treat, the grownups sit around, eating and talking. Love your alpha book. You’ve got me wanting to do one, too.

  5. Love your LOs! They are just beautiful!!

    We only had the typical trick or treat traditions as a child. But the first year I was on my own with my hubby, we started a tradition where we’d go pick our pumpkin, go home and take all the seeds out. Then I’d cook the seeds, while we would carve the pumpkin! And then the best part – we got the eat the seeds!!! This really gets me in the mood for some pumpkin seeds!

  6. Your layouts are wonderful JanMary – and I feel the same way as you about the halloween thing… its a real struggle. I would have loved a closeup of a halloween ‘turnip’ giggle. Thanks for sharing!


  7. turnips ~ i never heard of that before! we’re the average trick-or-treaters around here; costumes & going door-to-door. every October we travel up to my brother’s home (a 13 hour trip) with the kiddos & go to a large farm/pumpkin patch which has rides & all kinds of games, etc. anymore we don’t go door-to-door, but our church has a “trunk or treat” where we all dress up & hand candy out of our trunks to all the kids. it’s safe & no scary costumes, so very kid-friendly & family-oriented. thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Hi JanMary,
    as I am in Australia, we did not celebrate Halloween at all when I was a child, we didn’t even know when it was, had heard of it ‘tho, through movies etc. I am fasinated that you celebrated Halloween as a child, I thought it was only America that celebrated it! When I was about 19, a couple of friends and I thought it would be funny to go trick or treating…the reactions we got was quite funny. Most people had no idea that it was even Halloween, tho most people rummaged around and gave us something, lol! As my kids have gotten a bit older, we have never dressed up or gone trick or treating, but I will buy and make lollies and rent a scary kids movie (eg:Haunted Mansion etc)and we will watch that together. 3 years ago we actually had our 1st trick or treaters at our front door, I rummaged around and gave them something, the next year I had some lollies for trick or treaters but we had no one, then last year we had about 18 kids come to the door! Luckily I had prepared! This year I plan to have lollies ready again and we will have bowls of lollies for us and candy popcorn and watch a movie, but that is as far as it will go for us I think.
    Great layouts and I will go and check that challenge out at The Meadow, thanks! 🙂

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