Project 365 Soup

This is my lunch today.

Ever since I started making my own stock, my homemade chicken and vegetable soup tastes so much better….nearly as good as my Mum’s.

So what’s on the menu for lunch today with you today?
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18 thoughts on “Project 365 Soup”

  1. That soup looks so good!
    I only had a slice of bread and a cup of tea for lunch. I’ll soon start dinner though, and i’m guessing it’s gonna be something with fish….

  2. Love homemade soup and you made your own stock – wonderful! Great shot, too, love that color of blue in the bowl!

  3. MMMMM, delicious looking soup! Send some my way…it is 15 degrees and snowing here! Love how the focus is on the dark blue dish, while still getting glimpses of colors from the vegetables within the soup.

  4. That looks like such yummy soup!! I have only made my own stock a few times. It is so much better that way for sure!!


  5. Hmm after seeing all these blogs about cold weather.. your post just warmed me I love making homemade soup in my crockpot:) might be tomorrows dinner
    Happy 365er day!

  6. That soup looks very good. Here was home made gulasch-soup for lunch at work, and tacos for dinner. Both I and the little guy looooves tacos! 🙂

  7. ~*Jennifer*~

    Yumm…soup! My daughters would love that! They love when their grandmother makes them soup!

  8. Hey at least this time it made it into the soup without going down the plug hole. Silly husbands.

    It looks delicious. We had soup today too, tomato, courtesy of Heinz.

  9. Oh, JanMary… I had corndogs, grapes and apples with peanut butter. So sad compared to your scrumptious soup!! Thanks for making me hungry now that it’s past 11pm! 🙂

    BTW.. I tagged you on my blog and hope you’ll pop over for the instructions.

    So loving your 365’s!!


  10. I am truly loving your photos JanMary, you have a good eye for interesting little details! Sorry this is short, our daughter is coming for a visit so must run. Have friend with your company and I’ll be back soon!

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