Lessons Learned – Life is Good

My lessons learned this week

  • Life is Good

When I saw this yesterday I could not resist buying it! My husband may not agree with my choice of interior decor accessories, but I love it.

Hands up if you like it?
Hands up if your other half (or YOU, if you are a male reader) would not share the enthusiasm? Our brains just work differently!

  • When painting the utility room, be careful of the cat! George managed to aquire some Ivory matt paint on his fur, then redistribitute it onto our back door.
  • It HAS been WORTH THE WAIT – we are NEARLY there with the kitchen/family room makeover – new shelving unit now installed in the family room end of the kitchen.

Shelves still remarkabely uncluttered, but don’t worry it won’t take me long as I have lots of boxes still to unpack.

When is the big reveal? Probably Thursday of this week, but I am heading away this weekend, so might not make it.

  • Can’t wait to see my friends in Bristol this weekend. We lived there for a year and I made some wonderful friends. Will have lots of opportunities to catch up with them as lots of social activities will be happening when I am there. I will post about my trip next week, but one of the events happening is a charity breakfast at Bordeaux Quay restaurant for Bluebell Nurses to help for those suffering Post Natal Depression (PPD). As this is something I have personally experienced I am delighted to be there to support this.
  • When planning to take your family for a walk somewhere you have never been before, it is a good idea to have definite directions! Following “my nose” did not really help, and it took us 45 minutes instead of the 15 minutes it should have.

Telling everyone it will be really worth while as I will be able to take some wonderful photos of the views does not help when I have to confess I have forgotten to put the battery back into my camera! (At least I remembered to charge it!!!)

So here is what we saw (using online images instead of my own!) You can find out more about Divis Mountain and here is a site offering a 360 degree view. Next time I will bring a working camera!

  • Finally, I love my new spotty brush and dustpan – thanks Mum!

For more Lessons Learned, visit Musings of a Housewife.

Today’s photo for Project 365, my son and a friend playing with rocket ships and fire engines.

Come back soon, and in the mean time, take care.

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  1. I give it two thumbs up but I’m a total girl with stuff like that! Little things like that just make me happy! 🙂

    Love your photos and commentary as usual!

  2. Oh, I LOVE the new “Life is Good” artwork. Fab find! Have a wonderful day…

  3. I really like the “Life is Good”. Very funny about the painted cat. I’ve always worried about that with ours but have not had an issue yet. I’m sure it will come about sometime! Forgetting camera and or accessories, yep, been there and done that. So very frustrating. Great pictures! Can’t wait to see the big reveal 🙂

  4. Hands up – I like the “Life is Good.” Really like the new broom and dustpan – nothing like cleaning in style!

  5. You’re absolutely right, Life IS Good.

    Notice how many photos I post over on my blog and then try to figure out how often I forget the camera, or the microdrive goes walkies:)

  6. *hand in air*

    I like! And love the broom and dustpan! But alas, I dont use them My vacuum does all the work!


  7. I loove that broom!!!

    I’m so paranoid about the batteries in my camera. I not only packed the camera and spare batteries when we went to the hospital, but also the charger. I wasn’t taking any chances!

  8. Cute word art and great photos. It looks like the kitchen is really coming along.

  9. I like it – I almost bought one that said “it’s all good.” My husband says that all the time. Kitchen/family room is looking good.

  10. I LOVE your “Life is Good”. I could see my husband not being that excited by it though. Men and women definitely do NOT think the same.

  11. Absolutely LOVE the “Life is Good.” I like decor with something to say. I love quotes and words.

    And LOVING the shelving! I’m a big fan of cubby type shelving. Can’t wait to see the final reveal!

  12. Once again, your pictures are just amazing! Love that first one! Life is GOOD!

    Have a great weekend.

  13. I can’t wait for the big reveal!

    LOVE the spotty broom – how cute is that?

    And yes, I would totally buy the Life Is Good piece.

  14. I like it, too! Men have such different tastes than women. We struggle with it in our home, too.

  15. I love the Life is Good sign too. It is definitely the sort of thing I would buy myself. I have similar that say “Laugh, Dream, Imagine”.

  16. LIFE IS GOOD… and such a powerful reminder of this!

    ROTFL – re: George. As if he cares, but it was nice that it was a color that ‘went’ with him. Sure you won’t paint him in blue polka dots? hmmm?

    When we come to visit will you please take me to Divis Mountain? It is BREATHTAKING!

    I am sorry I have not been a very diligent blog person lately – please forgive me. I promise to try to visit more often.

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