Storage Solutions for makeup and jewellery

Thanks to my friend Deborah, I bought these cheep (£3) and cheerful hanging pockets from Primark.

I am using 2 cream ones in our bedroom – on the  back of the ensuite door I have my makeup (not that I wear much, but I like having it all accesible and not rattling around in a drawer.

The second one is hanging on the back of our bedroom door, and I am using it for my everyday jewellery. It is great for keeping things untangled, and I tend to wear a wider range as I am not forgeting about things so much!

They also came in pink, and I am using a number of them for my jewellery stock. Everything is clearly visible and untangled! The only issue is that I don’t yet have somewhere to hang them in my dining room work room. So this one is currently also in our bedroom.

I couldn’t resist buying a few more – my son is using one in his bedroom for all his little bits and pieces, and a couple for the cottage – again for makeup, accessories and toiletries.

So there you have it – my  storage solution!

In other news, the Northern Ireland Social Media Mums blog and Facebook Group has taken off. If you are a mum in Northern Ireland and whether you blog, tweet, use facebook or use any of these for your small business, then join in!  Contact me for more information. I am hoping we can connect, support eachother, and maybe even arrange a meet up ….. watch this space …. or on the blog!

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  1. Hi JM,

    I use these for my stamps as well. Nice to have them out of the way yet accessible at the same time.

    Good idea, its sure nice to share.


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