A photowalk in the Titantic Quarter, Belfast

It was a cold and frosty morning as I headed to the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. The Titanic Experience will open on 31 March 2012, just in time for the 100 anniversary of the Titanic tragedy.

The whole area was ignored and neglected for many years, but in recent years has seen major redevelopement.

So here are LOTS of photos and not very many words of my walkabout this morning.

I really like the above photo, which shows the new Titanic Experience and one of the large iconic Harland and Wolffe cranes. Each of the 4 “wings” are the same dimension as the brow of the Titanic.

It is not quite completed yet, but I really loved the image on the signage outside – it is reminiscent of the Art Deco travel posters. (Notice the queue of tiny people!)

Right beside the modern Titanic Experience building is the Drawing Offices where the plans of the Titanic were created. Amazingly the building has survived, and apparently it is amazing inside. I love the warm red brick of the outside.

And I find it quite comforting to see that some of the peeling paint remains! Not sure what my attraction to urban decay is!!


Which photo (if any!) do you like best?

5 thoughts on “A photowalk in the Titantic Quarter, Belfast”

  1. wow it is a pretty spectuacuar looking building and would be very intresting no doubt to visit when all finished, I love all the photos thanks for sharing 🙂 x

  2. I agree – I think of it more as commemorating than celebrating. My grandmother and her sister sailed to America on the Olympic (and were deported from Ellis Island!) so I have an increased fascination with travel from that era.

  3. Well the one that strikes me the most is the 2nd one I love how you captured the reflection in the water perfectly and the light
    I can’t wait to see it myself
    And I would love to see the inside of that old building
    Are visitors not allowed in yet.?

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