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Roman Holiday!

No, not the classic Audrey Hepburn film from the 1950’s, but my husband and I will be in Rome at the end of May to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary!

Could we actually be THAT old? I don’t feel it, but the facts don’t lie

On 12 June 1992
I said I do
(that rhymes!)

You can see a few images of us looking VERY young HERE. Just remember it was the early nineties for forgive the fashion!

I love to plan a holiday, whereas my husband doesn’t think to much about it until he is actually on the way to the airport, or maybe even in the air! So it is a match made in heaven – I plan happily and he happily just turns up!

So, here’s what has been arranged so far

  • My wonderful parents are moving in to look after the kids (thanks Mum and Dad! – they read my blog)
  • We are flying from Dublin with Aer Lingus, so although we will have about a 90 minute drive down to the airport, we avoid flying to London for connecting flights – always more expensive and doubles the chance of delays.
  • We are staying at the number 2 or number 3 hotel in Rome as rated by Trip Advisor users, Albergo del Senato.  Although not a large hotel, it is in a great location overlooking the square right outside the Pantheon ….. and we have booked “a room with a view”. Can you imagine just how many photos I will take?! You have been warned!

So……..can’t wait, and the planning continues.  We (I) usually plan one tour / event that is a wee bit different from the usual tourist trail when we visit a city.

My husband has been on a trip to Rome for a conference, and had a private tour of the Vatican museum.  My husband loves museums, I like exploring the small side streets and taking photos.  We are I am looking at maybe taking a half-day cookery course which could be fun – learning to make pasta etc!

The other option would be another photowalk – we took one in Paris and I really enjoyed finding some great photo opportunities as well as some local info.  See the photos HERE and HERE

I did another photo walk in Boston 2 summers ago with my daughter – another enjoyable experience – you can see some of those photos HERE

So, decisions, decisions ……. cooking, photography or some other sort of tour? Which would you choose?

Have you been to Rome? Any personal recommendations?

Have you a city you would love to visit? Where would that be?

Still thinking of that Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn film?

Here is a trailer I discovered for it

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  1. Hi JM

    Sooooo beautiful, your old pics!

    Hmmm if I pick correct can we come too hahaahahahha! ah well, seeing you on your blog is almost like going.

    I think you should come to Canada…

    Time goes faster and faster, doesn’t it?


  2. Ahhh so jealous!
    We did the same as you flew aer lingus from Dublin to Rome
    When you finally hit the “middle”of Rome on your drive in it is breath taking how beautiful it is
    I can’t wait to go back
    We found some really good “non-touristy ” restaurants u must try
    like no menu- one set price -€25.00 pp I believe
    And like 8 courses – with grandma cooking and walking around to tables
    Very very local but so yummy
    And of course wine is included
    We had gellato 2 a day- the best was in the gellato shop right across the street from the fountain
    Of Trevi
    We also did a private tour of the Vatican but after a few hours of that I was done with history and art and just wanted to get outside and take pictures too!
    You will love it!
    30 days now

  3. Have never been to that part of Europe but… you’re going to have an awesome time – your planning looks good 🙂

    PS i’m like your hubby – I live such a planned life that on holidays I don’t care WHAT we do as long as there’s plenty of food and a comfortable bed LOL

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