Cloakroom Makeover and More Lessons Learned

So the downstairs cloakroom makeover is complete!

Great to have all work done – no more workmen noise and dust. Was never quite sure what the house would be like when I came home, but now the house is our own again.

Here is was before

So nothing too dramatic – just replaced the sink and toilet, tiled and painted.  Still need to accessorise a bit. I love the dark mirror in our recently made-over bathroom so may look for similar on smaller scale.

Currently using some turquoise accents, but considering a fresh green shade – what would you use?

So what have I learned this week?

  • To have fun with the kids we don’t need anything fancy – there is no play area in this small park but just exploring and the occasional race was fun.

The last photo is just to “keep it real” and that not everyone was happy the entire time!

  • Kids parties – when your son is invited to a birthday party it is best to check the time BEFORE you get there! At least we were 30 minutes early, not late!!
  • One of my fave parts of JanMary Designs is planning and creating wedding jewellery – will share my latest commission (for 2 bridesmaids and mother of the bride) when I can (after the wedding!).
  • Elections – having tried to explain to my kids about the different political parties, and that after the General Election we will know who has won, who will form the next UK government and who the prime minister will be…..5 days on, at the time of writing this post, we are none the wiser. It is however refreshing to see politicians trying to agree and find common ground for a change.

Edited to add – Gordon Brown has just gone to see the Queen, so momentarily we are without a Prime Minister. David Cameron expected to be summoned to Buckingham Palace shortly to see the Queen – history in the making!

  • It is also great to see all the campaign posters which are liberally attached to all the local lamp posts being removed – there is only so long I want to see the face of a smiling would-be Member of Parliament.  Sorry – no photo – could not bear to take a picture of them!
  • Finally – I learned I won – not either of the recent Blogger competitions, but a Hydrating Facial at a local spa thanks to which is a parents resource website.  Really looking forward to some pampering – so I will be sure to share about it when it happens.

For more lessons learned this week, visit Julie at From Inmates to Playdates

Going to be a sociable week ahead – the Tuesday morning group are coming over on Thursday evening and planning to meet this blogger for dinner next Monday in Belfast!

13 thoughts on “Cloakroom Makeover and More Lessons Learned”

  1. Southern Lady

    Looks like you have learned a lot of lessons lately. Congratulations on your win! Spa treatments are always a good thing! Carla

  2. Creative Junkie

    I love that you call it a cloakroom. We call it a powder room (a bathroom that has no bath tub or shower in it). A cloakroom to us is a room in which to store coats!

  3. Becca @ Our Crazy Boys

    I LOVE that you call your bathroom a cloakroom… it makes me smile 🙂

    And i love you pictures from the park! Especially the one that keeps it real 🙂

  4. I hope you decide to go with the green accents for your powder room – you will understand why after Monday night!!!
    There’s also some yummy goodies for the kids in my suitcase – although with the amazing chocolate here I think you have us beat!!!
    See you on Monday –
    posted a bunch of pictures today – we are loving it – beautiful weather too

  5. hi janmary! i agree with you that sometimes we don’t need anyting fancy to entertain kids. and that the last photo of your son sitted on the ground is but a normal thing that happens also — it cannot be fun all the time. but what is important is ‘there was a fun part’.
    i watch the UK election on CNN and it was amazing how everything was one. i am not a very ‘political’ person… i don’t like political discussions. i just like watching and listening. in the philippines, we also had our national election but back home everything is done differently (i cannot even describe it!!) i just wish both our countries will have a better future…


    That wall color is gorgeous! I love the turquoise idea. I also think red and a deep brown would go well.

  7. bentonflocke

    the makeover turned out fantastic – beautiful colours. Great pictures of your fun in the park I also agree that we don´t need something fancy all the time to entertain the children.

  8. Oh Lala!

    Your bathroom is so tasteful and sleek. Must be a pleasure to even… clean!

    Your photos are LOVELY – glad to see your copyright overtop – I was listening online to a podcast where they discussed how even reputable companies have “hijacked” personal photos from websites. Love the one of your son, at the end. Thats how I feel, often.

    I’m DYING to see your wedding jewellery.

    Mom and Dad to arrive ANY second, 4 days early and staying for THREE weeks! Eeek! But I managed to sneak your blog in ‘tween cleaning and eating.

    Hope your week goes well, and your meeting with your blog friend, it will be ME one day. One FINE day.

    ~ Barb

  9. I kept looking for a closet…a place to keep a cloak…
    I guess it is your bathroom (o:
    to bad the words are covering the little mad sad face
    we are all familiar with those (o:

  10. Aw bless him, Chloe has moments like too, but then don’t we all:) The cloakroom looks lovely and I think that green will go well too.

  11. Marcia (123 blog)

    love your bathroom and the turquoise is great – what did you end up going with?

    LOVE your son’s red hair!

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