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Photo-a-day project January 2012

One month is over, and so far so good with the daily photo taking. In fact since falling in love with Instagram and the whole concept of iphoneography I am usually taking much more than one photo each day with my iphone.  Maybe my facebook friends and twitter followers are fed up with all the images I am now sharing, but I am enjoying the interaction and feedback.

Here is a screen shot of my iphone and my Photo365 app which I am using to record my photos.

Each day I am also taking photos with my Canon DSLR – and I have been using digital scrapbooking to record weekly layouts. Here are my first 3 weeks created so far. I am using Weeds and Wildflowers every {day} collection.

Do you feel there is a different focus and aspect to my iphone pics to my DSLR pics?

The most noticeable thing about them to me is that my iphone goes where I go, but with my larger camera most of the photos are taken at home.  However it is a combination of both which really gives a true reflection/record of my life I suppose ….. if I make it through the year with both, I will maybe make a photo book using images from both the iphone and DSLR.

What about you? Are you recording your daily life in photos this year?

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  1. Gosh, no! I did the photo a day thing in 2010 and it nearly did me in. I took most of it but was so slack with the uploading that I lost a couple of months in the middle 🙂

    I love your weekly layouts – they are gorgeouS!

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