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Easy Chocolate Ginger Truffles

Easy chocolate ginger truffles : This recipe is so easy, that is not baking, more just crumbling, mixing, shaping and dipping! It is really a cake pop recipe (if you are familiar with them) without the “pop”!

Crumble a ginger sponge cake (I recommend McVities Jamaica Ginger Cake)

Stir in about a third of a tub of chocolate butter cream icing (I recommend Betty Crocker’s)

Mix well. Add more butter cream icing if needed.

Roll into small balls.

If you have time chill them in the fridge for 30 mins or so, but not essential.

Melt chocolate.

Dip balls in chocolate

Sprinkle with “sprinkles”!

So, to summarise – crumble, mix, stir, roll, chill, melt, dip and sprinkle!!!

Finally ……. enjoy!

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  1. Mmmm…these look amazingly good. Do you dip them into the chocolate with your fingers, or do you use something? They look perfect.

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