My 5 senses right now


Up at the cottage for the weekend – everyone relaxing. Sam playing with his Mosi Monster figures, girls on their ipads and watching tv


Fresh raspberries – had a few after breakfast


Warm – sun shining in through the window – despite the fact we had hail stones earlier. We have also just lit the fire – welcome to May in N Ireland! 4 seasons in one day 🙂


TV, chatting to moshis, birds tweeting, George the cat purring and the fire crackling


The smoke of the peat buring on the open fire and simmering mince, carrots and onion – daughter practicing for her Home Economics Cookery Practical later this week

To finish, a few photos from yesterday – we headed out to Portrush in the afternoon, as I was delivering some Janmary Designs stock to Momento Gifts in Portrush. We went down to the East Strand (aka Curran Strand) for a while.

Later we went to see “Salmon Fishing on the Yemen” – a charming quirky romantic comedy with Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt. Have you seen it?

After a brief stop on Portstewart Strand we stopped for coffee/hot chocolate in Portstewart before heading home.

The last 2 pics on Portstewart Strand were taken on my iphone

So, what are your 5 senses right now? Care to share?

This post is Day 6 of  the 31 Day Blog Challenge over at Boy Oh Boy

5 thoughts on “My 5 senses right now”

  1. Chelsea Grange

    Beautiful! I would love to be away right now. I have always wanted to visit Ireland! One day. When kids are grown. 

  2. Your list is how I always envisioned Ireland (I’ve never been), so thanks for sharing.  Your home sounds & smells heavenly.

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