My 10 favourite songs right now

Here are 10 of my favourite songs right now (no particular order)

Titanium  – David Guetta
Marry You – Bruno Mars
Glad You Came The Wanted
Jar of Hearts – Christina Perry
Someone Like You –  Adele 
Never Grow Up – Taylor Swift
Fix You – Cold Play
Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
Without You – David Guetta
Patience – Take That

I can’t cope with another post without a photo, so here is a photo of Taylor Swift I took at her concert in Belfast last year (one of the few times when my daughters and I coincide in our music taste!)

My daughters have read this list and are embarrased on two counts –

  1.  Some of the songs are too cool and trendy to have their mum liking them
  2.  Some of the songs are too ancient

Basically ….. I can’t win!

As you may have realised by now, I am taking part in the 31 Day Blog Challenge, and this is Day 5.

So, would any of my songs be on your list?

What would you include in your list?

Happy Saturday, we are up at the cottage, plan to go for a walk on the beach later ….. there will be photos taken!

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  1. Some great choices. Don’t worry about your kids. My mom used to bellow Eminem songs as loud as she could. It was embarrassing, but I was happy that she was enjoying herself and being free. 😉

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