What I’m afraid of

I am afraid of the usual things:

  • mice
  • rats
  • anything furry that scurries and is smaller than our cat (hence our cat is very welcome as he is a great deterrent to the small furry beasties)
  • I can just about cope with spiders, but fortunately two of my kids love bugs of all sorts and will frequently rescue me them!
  • I also detest being close to birds of any sort. My grandfather and aunt kept thousands of hens on their farm, and I remember being inside the huge hen houses surrounded by lots of beaks and flapping feathers.

Vegetarians ….. you may wish to skip this next bit ….

  • I also remember my father being given an older hen or rooster to bring home from the farm. He would ring it’s neck out of my view, but it would be twitching in a sack in the back of our estate car all the way home …… the thought still freaks me out! So I am scared of dead birds too, unless they are plucked and wrapped in plastic and on the supermarket shelves!

On that happy note …… what are you afraid of?

(PS It appears I am slightly scared of putting up a blog post without a photo ……. but I am going to face that fear and hit the Publish button anyway…..living on the edge!)

This post is Day 4 of the 31 Day Daily Blog Challenge – not too late to join in.

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  1. i/m afraid of drowning or water – I’m petrified of cockroaches – I hate heights – and scorpions 

  2. Good news

    1. the ocean is so cold in Ireland that you are unlikely to go near the water
    2. Never seen a cockroach in Ireland
    3. Never seen a scorpion

    3 out of 4 ain’t bad!

  3. I don’t like those furry rodents either. The rats in Chicago are as big as a cat, FYI. Not kidding. Luckily we don’t see them much. My biggest fear is wasting my life and having regrets…

  4. LOL — I hate putting up a blog post without a photo also!  I have yet to get past that particular fear 🙂  But I’m with you about spiders — fortunately we have four cats and between them they help with any spiders or other icky bugs.  Well, mostly 🙂  I have spiders on my list for the Blog Challenge post as well though.  

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