Lessons Learned this week

Here are this weeks lessons:

Lesson 1

Not expecting any sympathy here (after 2 brilliant weeks in Florida) but jet lag is yuck!
Getting up this morning was even worse!

Lesson 2

When suffering from jetlag it’s best NOT to leave your car unlocked and your keys lying on the front seat while you are in the supermarket – fortunately when I noticed as I was finishing the shopping and went back to the car the keys (and car!) were still there!

Lesson 3

Trans-Atlantic flights without individual screens for in-flight entertainment are VERY long…..

No where in the world is quite as cosy as your own bed, duvet and pillow

Lesson 4

When your cat has been “on his holidays” at the cattery, he might lose weight, probably because he only gets to eat his own food, not the food of all the other cats in our neighbourhood.

Lesson 5

What we call an “arial topper” they call an “antannae topper” – I kept being told there were none when I asked for an ariel topper – knowing there WERE some ….. but finally realised the shop assistants thought I was asking for an ARIEL (mermaid) topper!

Lesson 6

I am really pleased with my collection of ariel/antannae toppers – which I brought home for my desk where I work

I just put them on the top of bamboo skewers, and put them in my new Minnie mug

Finally, not finished with our disney trip just yet (or by a long way!)…. I will leave you with my favourite image of our holidays

That’s my lessons for this week. For more lessons, visit Julie at “From Inmates to Playmates”

Thanks for joining me …. what have you learned this week?

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  1. Sounds like an awesome time!!!! And I’m giggiing over the ariel toppers.. 🙂

  2. which airline did you fly that doesn’t have separate in-flight entertainment? i need to make a mental note to never fly with them 🙂

    oh man, jet lag is terrible!!! Hmmm, I’m thinking online shopping for you?

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