Happy Fathers Day Dad

My Dad and Mum have been such a huge influence on my life, and I don’t often take time to tell them how much they mean.

In the last 6 months I haven’t blogged much, and when I have it has mostly been about Mum, following her severe stroke in February.

So this post is about my Dad for Fathers Day ….. sorry Dad if this makes you cry!

ww being me fathers day (Small)

My Dad is:

a man of faith

full of love for Mum

365 may mum dad newcastle

hardworking (even though he s almost 80!)

a gardening guru

a wonderful papa to his 7 grandkids






a good cook

an even better washer-upper


generous with time and money and plant-cuttings!

taught me how to drive (although I still avoid parallel parking if at all possible!)

full of dad-isms! (Blessing Gown instead of Dressing Gown)

I was proud to name my son after him


and he has finally got the hang of texting!!!

I’m proud to call him Dad (sorry Dad if this makes you cry!)

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