Christmas Nativity and Pinterest Christmas Nativities

Today I am sharing yet another Christmas nativity (regular readers know I have a passion and rather large collection of nativities) here in N Ireland.

Not sure when or where I bought this one, but I love it.

Christmas nativity Pinterest

I love the sense of amazement and wonder in their faces

Christmas nativity Pinterest
Christmas nativity Pinterest
Christmas nativity Pinterest

And also the simplicity of the design – the basic stable – nothing fancy (but a bit cleaner than the real thing)

Christmas nativity Pinterest

So far it has proved quite child friendly and child-proof. I don’t mind them being played with and rearranged!

Enough of my nativities – here are some others I have discovered on the wonderful world of Pinterest.

First some printable ones

Some Crafty Nativities

And finally, a few more I just love:

If you ever see a Nesting Nativity let me know! I am searching for one 🙂

And SOME day I will learn to make a felted one!

As I have mentioned before though, it is the cute baby Jesus I want people to know just on Christmas Day, I pray we will know the Jesus died and rose again to save us.

Do you have any nativities?

I am linking up to Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop – she has written a powerful and emotional post about a nativity she has inherited – I urge you to read it, but bring a tissue!

Tonight we are hosting a teenage “beach” birthday party (and it is trying to snow!) so the heat is turned up high!  See you tomorrow, thanks.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Nativity and Pinterest Christmas Nativities”

  1. bentonflocke

    a teenage “beach” party with snow… sounds interesting!! Can´t wait to see these special pictures 😉

    love your nativity collection. it´s one of you favorite posts (to me) each year.

  2. I love your nativity–how cute! I’m not very arts and crafty, so I’m very impressed with all of the nativities you displayed. There’s just something about a nativity, whether simple or ornate, that captures the wonder of that miraculous day. But like you mentioned–this day is but just one moment in a whole love story written for us by God.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. LOVE all those ideas…I have a little one made from small terracotta pots that my Grandma gave me. Super cute.

    And the photos you took of your nativity scene are fantastic!!

  4. What a great post, I copied a
    lot of these to share with my mom, who teaches crafts to a girl group on Wed nights. has LOTS of nesting nativities. To answer you question, I realized my Christmas decorations were missing Jesus, and have made sure to add a new one each year. Have a Merry Christmas!

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