A Christmas Prayer Space in Lisburn on the 15th day of December

In all the busy-ness of Christmas it is easy to crowd out time for Jesus. In our city a number of churches have come together to create and support a Prayer Space. It has been set up in a prominent vacant shop on our main shopping street for 2 weeks before Christmas.

There were lots of different areas inside:

  • To pray for our city and our land
  • for kids to colour in and celebrate Jesus’ birthday
  • To think about Jesus
  • To pray for others and to give thanks

This morning 6 of us came together from some of the churches involved, to reach out to our local community. A couple of us went outside into the street, and handed out chocolates and letting people know there was free tea, coffee and prayers inside!

Some just thanked us, surprised that we weren’t asking for donations. Others asked more, and we were able to tell them a little about taking time out for God this Christmas, and inviting them to perhaps write a prayer request to tie on the tree, or maybe write something they are thankful for this year.

I should not have been amazed by the response (where was my faith?!) but I was really moved by some of those I met. Some went in to write their prayer on a tag, or have a coffee and a chat. Others were very emotional as Christmas can be such a tough time. Although they could not find the words themselves to say or write, we offered to do it on their behalf, and it was a real privilege to be part of this. We had local residents of all faiths and backgrounds, and all were welcome.

It was a freezing cold morning, and my feet were numb, but this morning will be a highlight of my Christmas.

With so much pressure, hype to have the “perfect Christmas”, with the “perfect family”, and for those who are suffering with illness or bereavement Christmas can be so tough.

If you too are struggling, and find this time of the year particularly difficult, I pray you will find some peace and comfort.

If you are in the Lisburn area, come and have a look around the Prayer Space in Bow Street. All welcome.

This post is part of my daily December blogging, where I am sharing my Christmas traditions, events, celebrations and decorations.

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